Monday, October 18, 2010

Rave Run

I've posted about my old running route, last year I think. We still run there, when we balik kampung some weekends. But now we prefer our new route near our residence.
Yes, of course we have to run in loops to complete the mileage but we like the familiarity of it. Besides, people there are getting used to two crazies running round and round the neighborhood And we noticed that there are more and more people (as in two or three)around the taman are taking up running occasionally. Ke kami yang perasan? Hehe,
Oh well. Some running is better than no running at all.

Last Saturday morning, I went for my LSD and got a few pictures. Please be reminded that I suck at photography.
It's 6.45 am and it's not even dark. I love the hills.

This, I call the Orang Kaya Road because most houses here are huge. See? Hardly any cars on a Saturday.
This road gives me 1.5 miles. It got inclines, downhills and a mini bridge. But it's kinda creepy sometimes because there's a couple of abandoned houses and there's this tree with bras hanging from one of its branches and that really freaked me out but now the bras are gone ( I guess the Majlis Bandaran people took care of it)
I love this road. It goes downhill and I always feel like I'm flying here for a couple of seconds. It leads to a mosque and the abandoned airport - my turning point. Okay, I deliberately took pics without passing cars because people tend to honk naughtily and pose if I aim my camera to their cars. Bengong.
On the 1.5 mile road again. It's now 8.30 am but scorching hot like it's noon. And naturally, for the 11,000th time, I forgot to wear my sunscreen. Sigh. 
Hub took this pic. He surprised me waiting by the side of the road with the kids handing me a cold 100 plus on my last 4 miles. 100 plus never tasted better. Here's the mosque/turning point.
I experimented running on this abandoned air field. It's really huge.A few years ago, some mat salleh made a crash landing here and died with his legs torn apart ( gory!). But the ATM and Fire Dept people uses this air field 2-3 times a year to practice parachuting. It's really cool to see raining men. And at that time of the year, it's like a freaking air show here.
The trail route on the abandoned air field. On most days, people use this field to play kite, exercise, play remote control planes or just go walk and lay down in the middle of the field for nothing. See, somebody is sending me a smoke signal beyond the hills.
That's it. My LSD done before our carbo loading session at a family gathering for the rest of the weekend afterwards. Precious.

So there you have it, part of my running route. Not exactly scenic scenic but not an eyesore either. To me it's an A. But doesn't receive an A plus because people here don't refrain themselves from open burning and it sucks inhaling black smoke while you run

On another note, I read in the latest issue of RW that Deena Castor's definition of hitting the wall is 7 minute/ mile. That's the wall for you??
All I can say is : Otak hang aih. Aku kena kejaq anjing pun belum tentu dapat 7 minute/mile. Puiii..


  1. Oh my god, its like you practically own that road Doc :). Not a soul in sight pon. Haha Deena never kena a brick wall yet kot

  2. Wah, LSD pun ada water station! Cool!

    btw, do take pictures of those abandoned houses next time. ;)

  3. Abandoned air field tu boleh buat simulation TNF at MacRitchie Park :-)

  4. That's a cool route you have there Doc. A silhouette of you running by the airfield would be a great rave run shot for the album :)

    p/s. Did you mean bras or brass? Lol.

  5. Yim: On mornings, the road isn't as busy. But in the evenings, it's a nightmare. Yo lah, Deena Kastor agaknya tak penah kena hantuk brick wall kot.
    Tsar: Alamak, takut la nak amik pictures of the houses. Kang ada benda yang tak diingini pulak timbul. hehe
    Deo: Can kot. But it's really flat. Unless you want to terus climb the hills at the backround.
    Diket: I really mean bras. I wouldn't be freaked out it they were brass :)

  6. awesome route ... nih yang nak balik taiping nih ... hey doc, my house is near the airfield. next time I'm there, I'll give u a call ... we go out and makan2.

  7. eh tengok sapa yang lari bawak kamera pulak kan bawak kamera masa lari? next time boleh bawak tv

  8. ian: eh ye ke? wah, then very near to my house lah. Ke you mean the other side of the airfield?
    ijam: taklah ..lepas ni lari bawak mini compo. Baru 80's sket.Heh heh

  9. Road, trail, padang semua pon ada, komplit! Nice route you got there doc. Anjin ada tak?

  10. Zaki :The best part of it all is : no stray dogs! Dogs belakang pagar ada la.

  11. next time, me, you and ian kena plan must be in taiping same time heeh .. this is a good route lah julin, nampak aman sentosa haha ..

  12. kakjune: sorry lah didn't get the chance to meet up with you when you came here last weekend.. time , time.

  13. no worries, always a next time insyaallah :)

  14. Nice route.. Scenery is nice for jogging too.. Cool marshall u have..