Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tanjung 10K - The Huh? race.

After 2 months of not racing, this was our first race post ramadhan and raya and our last before PBIM. Just a simple 10K.
Or so I thought.

  • Race kit collection was such a breeze. I love small races.
  • It was also our first race with my brother in law, Din. And his first race in Malaysia. Previously he used to participate in races in UK.
  • Din innocently asked whether they'd have water stations and I replied ," It's a 10K race, they'd probably have two." Boy, was I wrong. They had none.
  • And no St John's either, because I could see none, and because none attended to Din when he collapsed ( But that's another entry, I promise),He collapsed just in front of Penang's General Hospital, Thank God.
  • I ran, noticing the same people in races in the Nothern States. There was ' Uncle tak pakai baju', 'BM Leopard Runner who had cramps in Taiping Run', our friend Bakri, and a few dozen familiar faces we've seen more than once.
  • Hubs zoomed ahead for a PB. I thought I zoomed too, but I guess I didn't zoom enough.
  • Overall course was in Penang City itself, us weaving in and out from this road to that,inhaling carbon monoxide along the way from passing cars who don't give a f about us runners. But we had a long incline of almost 1 mile, which slowed most of us down.
  • Slowed most of us down except this one lady mat salleh runner running with a baby stroller who whizzed past the rest of us up the hill and made us feel like burying our heads in the dirt.
  • Ontahlah, rasa cam winded sket in this race. Probably due to lack of training outside ( just started two weeks ago) and lack of racing? Or maybe because I wasn't wearing my gray pants? Nununununu ( lagu twilight zone)
  • So I achieved PB in an official 10K race. 61 minutes. It was actually 10.2 K

  • But I've recorded better 10K time in a 15K race and a half marathon. But who cares. A PB is a PB is a PB. Bukannya menang pon. Kuang kuang.
    • Hubs got his PB : 49 minutes. Here's a proof running slowly everyday helps.
    • Din got his first experience in the ER but like I said, I'll save that for later and let him rest.
    • When I got home, my daughter played with my medal and somehow 'lost' the darn thing. I'm still searching for it in the TV room.
    •  Haish, ni mula la doubt berbunga-bunga untuk timing marathon PBIM nih.
    • Pastu, kenapa bullet ni lari ke tengah pulak dah.

 Exhibit A : Di depan Kolej Pergigian Penang. My legs look freakishly kurus like alien one and pose like Ultraman taro. Spelled p.o.y.o.

Exhibit B : Err..none sebab camera kaput lepas tu. 



  1. Mak aih! Seluar baru, kasut warna garang & Garmin purple. Ni wardrobe raya ke? Hensem :)
    Good job with the timing. Happy training for PBIM!

  2. congrats good job with PB there Doc...berdesup lari pakai kasut merah:)

  3. saya rasa Diket buat PB kat sini hahahah

    Timing Wanwon sungguh menakutkan !Sub 50! eh mana spongebob greypants?

  4. Diket: Inila baju raya saya. Saya tak beli baju lain dah. Kesian saya.
    Ray: Berdesup apa..Tgkla Nike 10K nanti, korang lagi desup, I jadik mencecet je. Kuikui
    Syah: Saje je test run seluar ni. Macam nak kena come back to the spongebob greypants je.

  5. Sori. Tanya sikit. Seluar beli kat mana? I need to find something that original. Pardon me for the clumsy question but I need to know :)

  6. Which seluar? This one ke ? This one kat Adidas Pavillion. I like this one because it has sturdy zipped pockets. Carry handphone pun org taktau. Carry car keys pon dia tak jiggle.

  7. me gawd, those skinny legs. klau tak tgk muka, ingatkan minah kenyan mana plak hehe. good job doc and hubby.

  8. power la doc. doc wan lagi poweroot.

    dia makan apa eh? lari laju macam cheetah ni.

  9. Yim: Haha, perli ke apa.
    Shuk: Doc Wan makan nasik sebab dia dah boring makan asap. Kuikui.

  10. tabiklah julin, i can only dream for a time like that for a 10k ha ha .. ur hubs boleh lawan cheetah heeh .. dont worry lah, u will be fine kat PBIM, see u there insyaallah .. kita pi makan nasi kandaq kat sana :)

  11. KakJune: Thanks. But you can achieve it also lah. Last Saturday we tried nasi kandaq kampung melayu penang. It was good but satu hari jadik mengantuk! What the heck did they put in the nasik?

  12. Uish teruk gak organizer Tanjung ek, I thought they're more seasoned organizers should know lah all these nitty gritty.

    Apa2 pun congrats for the PB! Nanti boleh buat sub-1 pulak. Your hubby laju ek? You kena lah join dia lari slow2 daily. Power-power!!!

  13. Doc, pinjam seluar baru boleh?
    Nak pinjam Garmin tu jugak.
    Tudung tak nak pinjam, sbb dah ada kat rumah.

    Syabas bin Welldone!
    timing mmg superb, u r now officially faster than me.

  14. Deo: Tu la, I have to buck up on the training la. Target dah sub 1, tapi terkucil pulak dah.
    Nik: Haha.Pinjam? Kena isi 6 (lawak pekerja gomen). Faster than you? Tipulah.