Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Takde keje

For the first time in months..MONTHS, I'm not busy today.
I gape around my table, trying to find things to do ( other than my appointments) but I can't find any.
My to do list items are all scratched. And I'm writing this from the office. Gasp!

My LSD last Sunday went okay. ( tu dia, cerita basi lagi). Went running with hub as I can't fathom running alone at 4 in the morning. Yep, we ran at 4 am to beat the heat. It's so freaking humid nowadays that running at 8 am would be unheard of ( to me la). And it's funny when I found out it rained everywhere else in Malaysia that morning except Taiping. Imagine that! Boleh masuk X-Files ni.

And after our LSD, I was craving for a waffle at some fast food joint. So we ordered one with a root beer float. So the cashier person punched the order immediately without asking much.

Hub: Make that a one scoop ice cream float.
Cashier person: But I already punched the two scoop one.
Hub: We didn't say we wanted the two scoop order.
Cashier person: Well, I already punched it in. I can't undo it.
Hub: Why?
Cashier person: Because it's been punched in. I can't unpunch it out ( talks as if that's the most ridiculous suggestion in the world)

I guess a normal sucker would shrug and be okay with that, you know to avoid confrontation. But we called for the manager instead.
And he changed the order in 2 seconds.
Ha, boleh pun.

Argh. Weird kan? Benda senang nak disusahkan.

Ok. Abis cerita. Let's enjoy the takde keje mode for today. Because this won't last forever ie tommorow busy mode is more likely to be back on.


  1. Hahaha. You write the most hilarious stuff in life. I could have done the same if that was my "sarcastic day" :)

  2. Taiping is not raining? %$^^$#@ .... that's a fiction!

  3. kih kih...nasib dia tak punch 3 scoops..:)

  4. i so hate it when they assume things without asking kan? i would have done the same on my "bad mood" day, if ok day, bedal jer heeheh .. enjoy the time doc !

  5. I wish I could start my LSD run at 4. liat nak bangun satu. and err, too dark to run alone kot kat sini.

    so you ran the same route lah at 4 (i.e. by the runway and "house of bras"? :))

  6. wow, 4am???? unbelievable :)
    anyway, keep on! gambateh ^^

  7. Sorry peeps, spoke too soon. Busy mode is back on.
    Diket: Alah, when it happens to you, protest je. It's like a rip off.
    KakKash: Hi kak! :)
    Ian: freaking unbelievable kan? Pelik bin ajaib. Ripley's believe it or not.

  8. ray: punch 3 scoops pun protes jugak. dia taknak unpunch, kita suruh dia bayar. Garang..grrr
    Kakjune: that is the why la we protested. Because it happened banyak kali dah. Let's look at it this way la, at least in the future , the management can look into teaching these kids how to void items from the order. I know one fast food joint yg boleh do that in a blink of an eye.
    tsar: eh can lah. don't run alone, get a running buddy. Bes woo, sejukkk je. and ha ha, it's the tree of bras, not the house of bras. That sounds more like a lingerie shop or somewhere Lady Gaga would live in. Ha ha.
    Anon: hey there! Thanks. And thanks for visiting!