Wednesday, October 13, 2010

terms and conditions apply

I have come to terms that at times like these , when we have to take turns taking care of the kids, I have to run alone. Even if it's 12 miles or 14 miles or 16 miles.

I have come to terms that, although I know there are some people cheering for me, more people are making fun of what I do, plodding almost everyday in the scorching sun.

I have come to terms that, some mothers are looking down upon me, saying that I don't spend enough time with my kids, even if my weekday runs seldom exceed 1 hour. I think it is better that I do this, rather than let my brood off out in the neighborhood, being mini mat rempits and only come home when " they feel hungry' while I'm watching La Usurpadora or whatever crap soap opera that's the in thing right now.

I have come to terms that the sun, the heat and the rain aren't barriers but rather the natural elements of my runs. If people tease, " How the heck are you going to run in a weather like this?", I'll reply, " Just put one foot in front of the other. Rinse and repeat."

I have come to terms that, teenagers will laugh as I run by but then, teenagers will laugh at anything. They will probably laugh at a blade of grass. For nothing.

I have come to terms that sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to tweak my running routine. Like today, the office meeting ended late and my parents announced that they are coming over so automatically I have to cancel tomorrow as my rest day, fasting or not.

I have come to terms that, there will always be somebody faster than me, even though they seem like they're slacking off. I'm okay with that. I'm running for me.

I have come to terms that, in races, people will always want to take over me because apparently , it's too embarrassing to lose to a tudung lady. It's okay, I'll take that as a compliment somehow.

I have come to terms that, even though my heart wants to race so bad, and postings of races here and there are tempting, I have to back off to concentrate on my mileage buildup. Ye, saya memang nerd.

I have come to terms that, on most days, I'll be so busy with work, family and my runs that I'll take 2-3 days to get this thing written and finally post it.

So there you have it. Amidst all the race reports, here's my breather entry. heh heh.


  1. yay, no 1... err, oklah dulu ye, tumpang lalu

  2. kita kena ada rulinglah pasal booking dulu and back kemudian nih ..

    Julin : you are wonderful wife, a great mom and a superb runner - dont let anyone tell you different. You shd include , I have come to terms that : these people are simply jeles tahap gaban with my achievements ...

  3. there is this quote that i like:

    if people are trying to pull you down, it is because you are above them.

    trust your gut instict. if YOU think you're putting enough time for all mother, wife, sister, friend role, then you shoulnd't be bogged by others' expectations. You will know that you haven't been balancing your life at all when you totally feel good about slacking off on your sports to hang out with other people (like I am doing now).

    i think you're an awesome runner+person, laid back and definitely not on the bandwagon. different stories, different training styles, different posts to read. Please keep going.

  4. If u wanna shut those teenagers from laughing, sila jemput "remaja purba" kita bagi ceramah atau pelempang sebijik dua kat diorang...
    I'm sure u know who is our 'remaja purba' tu kan?

    P/s: anyway, kalau mmg betul teenagers tu gelak kat rumput... itu dah kena suruh diorang pegi jumpa doc Pui San.. kronik gile dah tu.

  5. Syah : Lalu-lalu kena tol aa..
    KakJune: Jeles tahap gaban? haha..ada ke? (krik..krikk..krik bunyik cengkerik)p/s you're so sweet, next time I meet you remind me to belanja you eskrem.
    Nadia: I don't jump in the bandwagon because I don't think I can. Haha. Thanks Nadia. You really made my day. I belanja you eskrem too one day.
    Nik: Haha. Bes jugak idea pelempang sedas dua tu. Nanti saya bagi surat jemputan rasmi.

  6. eskrem satu heeheh .. yeah ada jeles tahap gaban, tanya Ian hehe

  7. saya pun nak eskrem....stoberi boleh?

  8. kakjune: ah yes, I'll try and ask Ian one day ( ntah bila ntah..hehe)
    Shuk: apa barang eskrem stroberi..almond pecan praline la..( bocor poket aku)

  9. lari pun susah, tak lari pun susah, duduk rumah pun susah, keluar rumah pun susah...
    apa2 pun susah...
    tapi kecekalan yg mcm ni yg kita cari2 selama ni tuan director...

  10. haha..apa ko merapik ni ijam..hehe