Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cluck cluck

I remember on the night of ENR, post run, me and hub were quietly talking and resting on a curb behind our car when a guy struck up a conversation with us.
He was a boy of maybe early twenties and spoke with much enthusiasm. He was also a virgin marathoner and told us the whole race drained so much of him that he's done with full marathons after this. He talked about his struggles in the race and a funny story about his friend ( who is a marathoner)who made him eat two plates of nasi ayam that afternoon before the race for carboloading. It worked, he claimed. He wasn't hungry at all during the race.
Before we parted, I mustered the guts to ask him his timing ( praying that he wouldn't ask mine).
" 4:45, kak"

So today, for carboloading pre Bidor, I've cooked Nasi Ayam for the family. Forget pastas and spaghettis.
 This is an ode for the Nasi Ayam Boy.

We didn't even get his name.


  1. Dang ... I should have carbo loaded Nasi Ayam (x 2) just now lol. If we do bump tomorrow, say hello ya. Happy running tomorrow!

  2. Hi Doc.

    This is my first entry here.:)

    Well, chicken rice was one of the menu before, but when Syah started running 2 years ago and carboloads with spaghetti for his events, chicken rice was 'once upon a time' a meal story.
    After reading your entry, I think cud persuade Syah to change his carboloading menu....hehhehehehe

    Anyway, good luck for the run....

  3. Have the funnest run ever! I'd love to run in bidor.

  4. alamak... missus dah masuk cari resepi nih... siap comment before I do pulak heehe...

    thanks for sharing, now I don't even have to request for a nasi ayam... dah ada orang volunteer :)

  5. kak patut bantai nasi kandaq td :D good luck to u and ur hubby..sure kacang je bidor HM nih for both of u :)

  6. nasia ayam sounds (and tastes) better anyway!!

  7. Kalo Nasi Ayam Goreng x 2 mesti boleh lagi laju ek.

  8. Yim: I betcha if you'd taken nasi ayam yesterday, you'd kill those hills. Haha
    Cikna : Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Did I tell you, you looked great post natal? When I was in pantang with my 2nd one, my face was all poofy. I got my ic as proof. Haha. Yes, feed him nasi ayam. It taste a whole lot better than spaghettis.
    Kak Haza: I did have fun! ( but torture a bit). Next year Bidor is a must, kak. Nice kampung route and lotsa freebies ( I'm a sucker for freebies)
    Syah : Nasi ayam sedap oo.. especially if wife cooks. Serius tak tipu. Hehe
    Sun : hang ni memang minat betui kat nasi kandaq. Nanti kalau mai Taiping, ada satu kedai mamak juai nasik kandaq kaw kaw terangkat punya.Hang try la. Lebih sedap dari nasik vanggey ipoh. Kacang? kacangggggg..macam makan kacang takdak gigi.
    Nadia : Tell me about it. And even if you order it in a restaurant, it's a lot cheaper.
    Gerb : Puh, laju jugak tu. Laju makan. Tak toleh dah kiri kanan.