Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday break time

Contrary to other people's beliefs, it is ok to run with a stomach full of nasi tomato ( ayam merah +dalca+acar), 2 small peices of moist chocolate cake and air sirap.

Did 6.1K of it to be exact. 613kcal burnt ( according to the treadmill la).

Dengan syarat : lift up your hands when you hit those side stiches and have Regina Spektor and Mika on the iPod as motivators.

Orang kata Gila. Aku kata Lagi.


  1. tak chi aa lari atas threadmill, kalu on road sure muntah tu :P

  2. aci jugak..hehe..lagi pun afternoon jumaat mane bleh on the road..panas oo

  3. I can't run on a full tummy coz I'll feel my meal threaten to come up and out via the wrong exit.

  4. kak haza : didn't really have a choice. It was my running day. Couldn't pass that. But ada jamuan and can't pass that either..hehe