Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stuck in a rut

You know what's dumb? The prices of so-call healthy food here in Malaysia. They urge us to eat healtier but the choice of healthy food are so much pricey compared to the unhealthy ones.

Contoh ? Banyakkkk

Cereal : Whole wheat cereal bapak mahal compared to those choclatey, sugary ones.

Vegetable produce : They're so called free from pesticides and chemicals and are grown organically  so secara teorinya supposed to be more cheapla kan? But no.

High Fibre/ whole wheat bread :  the main ingredients are pulp and hampas kan? Why more 

                                                            pricey compared to white bread?

Unpolished Rice : It's unpolished for God's sake! Less work but more RM?

Ayam kampung : Claimed to be healthier. They are grown as free-range chickens and are fed 

                               organic feed. They are not given shots to fatten them up tapi still lebih mahal.

Drinks : Those that promote less sugar won't cost less. 

And then, there's this issue of local fitness magazines that only copy the articles of their Western counterparts. Tak buat kajian to fit the local needs langsung. There's this one magazine under the article titled'Quick 100 cal Snacks' which lists the main ingredients as 20 rasperries, Greek yogurt, and fresh figs. Dey, mana nak dapat la. At your local pasar malam? I know you guys in KL can go to one of those fancy organic markets ( but I can guarantee they'll be as expensive as hell) but what about the rest of us?

Buat research la, people. Takat cut and paste aku pun boleh buat.

WHO has been promoting MakeThe Healthy Choice The Easy Choice for years. At this rate, my response is : my foot.

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  1. u r rite, i wonder too why such 'terbalik' punya scenario? We all kat KL, organic shop tu memang banyak, but cannot afford lah, so, eat 'unhealthy' also lah. :)