Monday, July 13, 2009

Pay up.

So I officially signed up to run 21k in Penang Bridge International. Can I run 21k? Sure, I can. 

But can I finish in the cut off point of 3 hours? Here's where I'm trying not to choke.

I'm really trying to train but it's kinda hard when all I got is Sunday mornings for my long runs. Itu pun kalau tak hujan like last Sunday. I can only train to the max of 35mins of my lunch time on my working days ( and try to squeeze in eating, praying, bathing and resting in the remainder of time) and an hour or so on Fridays.

So as you can see, I'm really hoping on that long Sunday run to get me all ready for that 21K. But sometimes Sundays don't go as well as planned. Mom got something to do and can't babysit the kids la, hujan la, Hub has to work la, malas la...hehe.

Tapi I can't really whine now,can I? I've already signed up and paid. It'll be a shame to waste that RM50 for nothing.

Come to think of it, it's so funny that I have to pay people to run.


  1. wah, dah bayar? our mission sama aje....(Hi 5)! want to run Penang Half Marathon. You more terrer - committed. I masih thinking - takut jugak. I suppose if I put down my money, I'll have to make it lah - jalan ke, lari ke....alamak....

  2. cheryl : we can!Tapi itu many hours i donno lah..haha

  3. okay, I'll go! Nanti, tengah lari-lari, I cari you ya? How about pinning a red rose kat baju so that we can recognise each other... imagine... hai, lucunya....

  4. cheryl : haha..macam nak dating pulak