Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lesson learned

The problem with short distance running is, that in order to be in the top 20 in your category, you gotta be really fast.
And I guess that's what I don't have right now. The ability to hold on to a fast pace.

And in all logic, I shouldn't be upset about this. Being able to maintain a fast pace needs training. Needs hard work. Needs hard ass commitment.
I on the other hand, just run at  my own sweet time with no speed work and no hill training. Intervals? What are those? The last time I did strides, my knees felt funny and I stopped.
I run on my treadmill with the incline just raised up a bit to imitate the resistance of road running. Does it work? I'm not sure.
So I shouldn't be upset if I can't be  as good as those girls who run outside religiously and does proper training, right?
Point is, I don't train that well. I don't have the genetics to run fast. No biggie right?

I got a bit frustrated in my last race. Last Sunday I ran  the Larian Perpaduan in Penang.  They advertised it to be 6.5 K race. I didn't aim for something as big as a podium finish or anything. God knows those Penang girls are really fast. But I just hoped I could hold at least a 8:50/mile pace for that distance.
Or as my spouse would say, perasan-ed I could hold on to that pace.

Race started a bit later than scheduled. And that's normal when you invite a VIP to gun off a race. When will they ever learn.
They let off the guys first. As WW wasn't feeling well, we decided that he'll just run at his easy pace - my pace to be exact. Huhu.
He waited for me at the first corner and off we went, the kampungs - the weird tudung runner with her kaki ayam partner..
I was doing okay as usual in the first 2 miles. We ran along Gurney drive, which despite being hot and sunny, was clearly breathtaking as we ran along the coast.

When I run alongside or overtake people, they tend to turn their heads towards me. Why? Because when I add effort in my run, I breathe like an ox. No seriously, I do.
Bunyi macam nak mati. Gile kuat. Macam orang kena semput.
People look at me in fear I'll collapse. But it's just a thing I do to make sure my lungs get enough air and I don't get side stitches.  I don't recommend it, but it works for me.

Anyway, I can't describe where we ran after Gurney Drive because in Penang, all roads look the me. It's like every time we run in Penang, it's almost the same route. You go to this run and you'll think , hey I've ran here before and you go to another run and you think, I've been here. But then you realize although it's familiar, you have no idea where you are. When I write you, I actually mean me.

So there I was running on a familiar route near God knows where and I'm trying to still keep that intended pace. WW is running alongside to encourage me to push and he went "Push, push, push." and I don't remember him saying this to me while I was in labour a few years ago. Sometimes he ran in front of me to encourage me to run faster. Sometimes I take the bait, some other time, the bait dangled and I stared at him blank faced.

As the end was near, I notice 2 other women whom I took over before passing me. They were running strong and I by this time was struggling a bit. Another school girl running at the same pace as I was, even engaged in a conversation with a male friend while running. Wah, tertekannnya saya.

When the finishing lanes were in view, silly me got into the wrong lane and saw me finishing 12th instead of 11th. I stupidly didn't notice the lane I entered was the Men's Open lane, so I had to run back to the correct lane to finish. Kahkah ( gelak tensen)

In the end, Garmin told me it was actually almost 7.1 K distance in which I finished in 39:37 which  made me fail in my 8:50/mile mission.
That's like the third time.

I won't wallow about it. I don't ponder on the what ifs. It's really simple.
This race made me realize the inevitable.
I need a training plan.
The last time I had a proper training plan was to achieve my sub 5 marathon.
Heck, that was almost 2 years ago. Sangat basi. Hampir tamat tarikh luput.

Stop this 'race to train' fiasco and start to 'train to race'.
Stop making excuses to avoid speed training and intervals.
Stop procrastinating and be more proactive.
Wah, bunyi cam sangat kiasu. Herher.

And as with all diets and other plans to self improve,  changes will commence :


Right now, let's enjoy our 3 days rest and that stuffed crust pizza.
When I write our, I actually mean my.


  1. No 12 tu!


    Sedap pizza? ^^

    1. Bila teringin makan, slalu je terbayang sedap. Bila makan takde la sesedap mana..haha.
      Kesian kan saya?

  2. Yep, stop procastinating. IMHO, get a race and train for it. Not sign mana-mana & lari suka suki but at the same time trying to race it. Sometimes it's a bit demotivating when the results ain't good enough. We aren't getting any younger, neither stronger. Hence, we just need to be a bit wiser :]

    So nice when married couple sharing the same passion. When I asked my wife to cycle, she would prefer the motorbike instead. Aiyak!

    1. Yes sir ( tunduk kepala).
      Saya sudah insaf.
      If your wife prefers the motobike, then you should encourage her by getting her a scrambler. They're way cool.

    2. Whoaa! Lambung sampai cucur atap terus! Itu dah jadi Azroy!

    3. Wifey tu dolu2 minat kat Azroy gak kan, kan kan?

  3. Apa pun,
    In in my books u r awesome :)

    1. betul betul betul

      sangat setuju dengan KJ. ^^

    2. KJ and Lina say the nicest things :) Thanks guys. xx
      But I'm not that good. But I'll try to be better.