Monday, May 14, 2012

Joke's On Me

"Train for it. Go all out. Who knows, you might win"
Said my dad.

Yeah, ok. Rightttt (sarcastically, eyes rolled)

" I'm serious. These things could happen. Who knows," He said again, ironically while handing me a plastic of chocolates he bought from  some airport from a recent trip.

Sure. ( more eye rolling)

Wanna know the biggest joke of the year?
Well, somehow I got selected to run for KKM Perak.
I'm in for two events.
1500m and 3000m.
And the big national level event in Sabah is only a month and a half away.

Nak sangat middle distance kan?
All I can say is : Hah. hamik ko.

I have no idea how to go on with this track running business.
Do I need spikes? Can I use my normal shoes?
Pace management? On track training?

" Physiologically, these middle distance events demand that athletes have good aerobic and anaerobic energy producing systems, and also that they have strong speed endurance."
 ^ Middle Distance Running. Australian Institute of Sport. Retrieved on 5 April 2010.

Strong speed endurance?
What the hell, man?

Sure, the free airfare and a 5 day cuti tanpa rekod holiday in Sabah sounds wonderful ( I really need a break from work) but I hate the pressure of expectations that comes with it.

Boss aku siap bagi pantun tak sengaja:
Hang menang, balik naik kapaterbang,
Hang kalah, balik berenang.

I don't really have high hopes of getting a medal. But I do hope I don't get last.
So in short, I will train not to be last.
Sounds like a plan.

Adoi, kena activate balik Dailymile la nampaknya.


  1. I suka itu pantun. Sangat memotivasikan diri. Kakaka

    All the best!

    Kasi pulun habis! :)

  2. i have confidence that you will give it your best and who knows you might just get what you think you cant! all the best doc!! *big hugs and kisses*

  3. Kasi pulun habis?
    Kasi pulut habis saya pandai la

  4. Somehow I need to serap your optimism,KJm Thanks a bunch :)

    1. Serap and slurp heheh ..u will be fine!!

  5. huh main track lagi saiko dari LSD ko! u can do it!

    1. Mampuih.Speed training pun tahap mintak nyawa...adeh dehh...

  6. Terbaek sangat ni. Ada peluang pi shopping kasut spike! Train for it! Go all out! Bagi cekelat sikit bleh?

    1. Haha..bab racun beli kasut spike yang tak tahan ni. Adeh.
      Bak mai emel saya bleh emel ceklat.

  7. Lari sambil makan cekelat, boleh podium. So no worries lah :)

    1. Tak main la power gel perisa ceklat. Kita sedut coki-coki masa LSD. Amacam?

    2. Kalau sedut coki-coki pepagi, kompom rembat anak punya dalam peti ais :]

    3. manede, kanak-kanak takbleh makan coki-coki. Kang rosak gigi.

  8. Hang menang, naik kapaterbang,
    Hang kalah, balik berenang,
    Pelari otai, takkan kecundang,
    Teruskan training, pasti cemerlang!