Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Would You Do?

En route sending my son to Quran class this afternoon, a boy (presumably in high school), on a motorbike ( presumably his parent's and without a license) rode out of his driveway and being as careless as they come, did not look left and right and rammed onto my car.
He should be thankful I hit the brakes on reflex or he'd have his whole face planted on my windshield
Now, wouldn't that be a hassle to scrape off?

So in result, the front bumper thingy of my car terkopak on one side.
The boy, who saw this, panicked and decided to flee the scene. Then, stupidly realizing that I stopped almost right in front of his house to inspect the damages, came back 3 minutes later in fear that I'd make a whole fuss and serang his mom or something.

I made my meanest face possible ( if that's possible la).

" Sorry la, kak"

Oh my God, I'm so not in the mood for drama right now, I replied

" Sorry la , kak. Memang salah  saya"

Habis, dah terkopak ni macamana?

" Sorry la kak"

" Ko nasib baik sebab kita ni jiran je akak malas nak bising-bising. "

" Sorry la kak" . Macam parrot. Itu je skrip ko.

" Sekarang akak nak pegi bengkel, kalau kena banyak, siap la ko malam ni aku cari mak ko"

Wah, macam hantu pocong gitu nak cari orang malam-malam.

So because I was in a hurry to send my kid and then send the car  to the workshop and then go back to the hospital for my oral surgery course, I left the boy without taking his number or name.

I know, most of you guys are probably slapping your foreheads by now.

I know for sure, if this were to happen to WW or any other person for that matter, you would have probably made the biggest racket until that boy peed in his pants. You would have made the boy pay on the spot and if he couldn't, you'd go to his house and tell on him to his mommy.

But it's different with me. I consider the fact that he's a neighbor ( he lives 2 lanes away). I cannot predict his parents' reaction to this but in a small town, a dispute with a neighbor is kinda embarrassing. It gets kinda awkward during kenduris and get togethers. I've seen it happen and it gets ugly.

So  I decided to let it go. ( more forehead slapping).
I let go because I guess saya terlalu baik hati for my own good. I hate confrontations.
WW would say I'm a pushover.
Some would say I'm a sucker.

 But Ah Ba, my favourite mechanic is wonderful. With a slight wave of his hand, he made his workers work wonders on my front bumper thingy and in 10 minutes, it was as if nothing happened. And he only charged me 15 bucks for it.
See, good things happen to good a way.

Malam ni tak payahla jadi hantu dan cari orang. Not worth my time.


  1. I would have done the same ..actually I did lol ..if the damage is minimum not worth the hassle and the awkwardness at kenduri kendara !!

  2. Exactly.
    But this makes me hate those parents who willingly let their under aged kids use their motorbikes more.
    Seriously they have no sense of responsibility. Konon kata bagi senang budak tu bergerak, travel, pegi skolah. Tapi bila those kids get involved in accidents, nak nangis bagai.
    Fact to the matter is, when I'm on call, most of the adolescent patients in the surgical and ortho ward are mat rempits and underaged kids going around on bikes withour helmets.
    Don't get me started on the statistics in the ER room.
    Tensi la KJ

  3. Hadoi i feeeeel for u doc. schoolkids naek moto, schoolkids bwk kete penuh mcm sardine and of course usually tak berlesen....they all annoy the crap outta me and what i turn to is the failure of their parents to assert control. in some cases i think, its even encouraged. kau pandai2 la, mak nak keje ni.

    And bundled right there in the same category, are parents who dont bother to pakaikan topi keledar to their children when, ewah, depa sendiri kemain lg siap clip it on snugly. kalau jd pape awak selamat tp budak tu? gitu gaya sayang anak? hadoi dont get me started osso la..i get to see a lot of this stuff being the supir to my 3 kids & religiously attending PIBG meetings etc. not that i consider myself better than the other parents, but i'd like to think at least i TRY my best to be around & safeguard the best interest of the children, both mine & others. parents need to be more aware and being busy is not an excuse.

  4. The thing is kak, when these kids come at my clinic or the hospital's casualty with lacerated faces and crumbling teeth and jaws ,they almost always cliam that is NOT their fault.
    Ade je alasan. Kereta tak bagi signal la, masuk wrong lane la,made a wrong turn la. Banyak cantik.
    It's always the parents' fault.
    Kids wouldn't have access to these vehicles if the parents don't allow kan?

  5. Alhamdullillah nothing worse than that happened. It's always a test for everyone. I bet you did the right thing. Tapi skrip angry akak memang kelas gitu. Boleh buat skrip filem hantu gigi balik rumah :]

    1. Mungkin there was something I did yang terlepas pandang. Allah's way to keep me on track kot. Wallahualam.

  6. Eh eh kak pah setujulah... kalau nak buat report polis pun memang buang karan je, silap2 kena bayar saman RM300. i pernah let go satu kes macam u ni, tapi punyalah fobia setiap kali nampak motor kat tepi atau belakang kereta bila nak tukar lane

    *thumbs up!*

    1. Sampai skarang I dok cuak kalau nampak budak bermotor motor ni. Agaknya budak tu pun cuak nampak keta warna putih..kehkeh