Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mom gets emotional.

And it's another new year.
( Sorry it took me 5 days to post this)
I've been busy with settling the kids' school stuff.. It's weird but we parents tend to worry too much about our kids when they're really doing fine.
My mom tells me, " Leave 'em. If they cry, nanti penat diorang diam la tu."
And I remember when we were kids, my parents could never take leave to get us settled at school as they were teachers themselves( in another school), so they just took us  to our classrooms and left us, trusting the teachers. And we survived.

But with my boy I had to be sure. I mean, he just turned 6 ,two weeks ago and he's the youngest and not to mention one of the smallest in his class -in an all boys school. I had to be sure he knows his class, where to go pee-pee,that  he remembers his lunch is in the lunch box, that wandering during learning time is a no-no..etc etc.

We didn't stick there long. I know teachers are annoyed of the parents ogling at their kids and giving out loud instructions on how to color the octopus from the classroom window.
So we got him to his seat, told him to be a good boy  and went home, hoping for the best.
When we went back at recess, he was running around with his friends, bolting up and down the stairs and having a blast at it.
" Did you take your sandwich?"
" Yes."
" Where did you keep your lunch box?" his dad asked.
" In my bag"
" We're going home now, okay." I said, a hint of sadness ached in my heart.
"Okay, bye." And off he went running.

He's fine. I know he is.
I'm just sad that he grew up so soon.

Yesterday I planned to go back to work today but I thought what the heck, today I'll spend one more day off for some bonding time with my little girl.  I figure we'll go out later for lunch, get a haircut and go shopping. She'd like that.
At least I owe her that after she quietly busied herself while I spent 45 minutes on the thrillmill just now.

Dia paling rendang ( as in the tree and not the hari raya dish) 

Sorry, Ben 10 bags are for nerds..hehe ( kata papa la) 

Laa...makbapak pun sebok la nak beratur sama

His beginning of 11 great years at school.


  1. parents should be given chill pill on the first day of school. hehe

  2. haha he is so cute .. i think when come to first day i am a tyrant! i send them, once the bell rings i am off. told them if they cry, or etc, the teachers will deal with them he he he wonders LOL

  3. wait till u send them off duduk hostel ..................

  4. Kak Kash: Totally. I guess that morning I thought I took a chill pill. Turned out to be just a placebo. Boo..
    Yim: Mangni Nominis Umbra.
    KakJune: haha. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I bawling inside already.

  5. Oh me gawd it is. Lol that's where my primary school days were. I remember that lovely architecture from anywhere. And the beratur at the same spot where your kiddo is standing. The memories :)

  6. Yim: remember the Tiger Roar or whatever you guys call it? You know, when the Guru Besar says, " Tigers!" and you're supposed to shout back , " Roar!". When I called out to my kid, " Tigers!", he went, " Tiger Cafe!" hehe

  7. Sib baik tak jerit balik "Tiger Beer". Haha. Jussst kidding

  8. Comel...oh well i remembered my first day my dad drop my in front of my school gate and said "balik nanti jalan kaki dengan kak yang, abangah dengan abalong ye" hehehehheeh.

  9. zarin: Jerit la kalau nak kena sedas dua..kuikui
    nana: I bet your dad was so relieved you had older siblings..tak payah nak pikir2 panjang..hehe

  10. a post i will remember, 6 years later from today.. i think i can get how u feel.. i feel sad too, if they grow up so soon.. ur kids are cute =)

  11. Fong: Of course you'll get how I'll feel. The first day of school, you'll go through all emotions, and by the end of the day you're overwhelmed.
    I mean, it's just like yesterday he was a baby. I can still feel the labor pains.

  12. mana yg emotionalnya..?? kenapa kasut sekolah warna hitam lak? best la mcm ni, takyah basuh.

    I banyak nak cerita kalau kat sekolah anak i tu...later lah, takde photo tak best nak cite..

    Anak u cute gila lah...come lote...

  13. Ijam: tu la guru besar dia bes..sungguh rational black shoes for an all boys school. Takdela by the mid of the week kasut macam belacan.
    Tu tak kira on PJ day bleh pakai baju PJ sampai satu hari.