Monday, January 10, 2011

Super Short

What a hectic Monday today turned out to be. Work was hell. I had to remind myself I signed up for this so apa2 pun I have to bear with it.

Anyway, it's really screwed up among orang-orang kita when somebody goes to work riding a bicycle, people will pity him, call him quirky or assume that he's too poor to buy a decent vehicle.
But once he dons a helmet, he is automatically the uber awesome urban dude, too cool to care,with a sole mission to save the planet from the green house effect.

I don't mean anybody in particular here.
I'm just saying.

And it's really screwed up that just because I run, people in the office expect me to sign up for games like badminton, volley ball and even karom (?). They claim, " You're an ATHLETE! You should smoke this."

(Athlete? Ya Rabbi, memalukan aku je)
Yeah, right.
Next time there's an opening for water polo, sign me up please.


  1. Saya sangaaaaaaat -kaki bangku-

  2. a helmet is complusory once u get on the bike, whether to go kedai or do a century ride. Being uber cool comes with the helmet, naturally ;)

  3. it's not easy to handle high expectations. What's next after water polo? Parachuting? Help sign me in too

  4. gerb: manedeeeeee
    kakKash: True, true. I'd like to look uber cool with a helmet but I'd look ultra weird wearing that going to a kedai runcit with my utility bike. Cemana eh?
    azza: Seriusss? cannn...nanti we calling2..hehe heh

  5. Beli helmet fullface motor. Hahaha.
    Me and sports don't go together. Kaki, tanga semua bangku. Keh keh keh

  6. zarin: haha..mcm org tak betul je.
    p/s:'Me and sports don't go together'- you expect me to believe this?

  7. Betul. Name any sports, and I suck at 'em. Volleyball, bola, tenis, ice hockey, baseball, semua2 lah. Tapi tgk org main mmg sukalah.

    Oh ya, naik beskal tu, Jgn lupa pakai cape. :)

  8. hhahah this is funny :) eh i nak join water polo and parachuting .. tapi try bungee jump dulu .. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. ice hockey mcm zahrin manggis cakap tu pun ok jugak.

  10. zarin: tgk org play some sports pastu pandai komen kaw2 punya I pun suka..kehkeh
    KakJune: alamak, I wonder if i'll ever try bungee jumping. I'm very afraid of heights
    Ijam: Sure, sure. Ice hockey is so convenient for me as the nearest ice rink is a few hundred kilometers away.

  11. Memang i serius tau, pasal tu dalam my bucket list. Anytime you ready just call me, then we go pulun training ok.

  12. julin : i did bungee jump .. its extremely exhilarating .. just step out and jump :) hehehe well easier said than done, i thot my heart was gonna burst out of me bila nak jump but the experience of it, priceless !

    azza : serious betul ni hehe, its in my list too jom doc !!