Monday, December 27, 2010

Val D'or - Valley of Gold

Twas the last race of the year.
I found out at the last minute ( my mistake actually) that for Women's Open, we're only to run 8 k.
I found out the week before, my parents wouldn't be available to babysit on race day as they would be off to the East Coast sending my sister back to campus..
So one of us had to bail racing.
I got to race!
Hauled the whole lot on race day at 5 am to Nibong Tebal.
Sorry, but the venue reeked of chicken smell from the chicken farms.
But nevertheless, it was a small quaint town. Kinda like mini Bidor.
Aimed to finish 8k sub 50 minutes.
So good to hear my family cheering for me in the sidelines.
Race started fast. Everybody went running.
Race route was super, just like mini Bidor. ( minus the killer hills)
At one point, the chicken smell was alternated with the smell of palm oil husks.
But we kept running anyway ( did we have a choice?)
As we were nearing mile 5, I noticed the men still ran the same route as us women. I thought they were supposed to do 11k. Guess not.
Finished the race feeling good.
Hub welcomed me at the end of the line with a, " What happened to your sub 50?"
I said, " I did. Finished 8k in 48 minutes." The race was  actually 8.4k.
Found out I got podium.
Got no 10 overall.
But had to wait 2 more hours to get the custom medal. Kena naik pentas daa..selang selit ngan cabutan bertuah.
I heart small races.

That evening went out for a 25 minute bike ride.
Naik incline, turun incline, kayuh laju, kayuh pelan.
Mak aih, sakit peha, nyah.
Came to work today kengkang sakit inner thigh.
Padan muko.

Great weekend nevertheless

Can also register on race day itself.
How cool is that?

Good luck charm

Model ikon Bomba Sukarela

Bila lagi?

Ratu kebaya - I'm the blue dot.

  The medal.

Sekianlah  .


  1. woot woot naik podium babe :) u r so laju lah .. congrats, bet it was a good day kan??

  2. Tahniah Doc for podium finish lagik!!! Super laju as the day goes by :) and what a way to end 2010!

  3. podium...tahniah...

  4. makin lama makin laju...tahniah kasut merah :)

  5. aik, sorang je pakai tudung? we need more like you...(except for the jalan kengkang part)

  6. KakJune: Woot, woot! Thanks. Laju, manede. Good day? definitely!
    Yim: Haha. If you were in that race you'd lagi sure dapat podium one.
    Zul: Oh, trima kasey org kampung kami.
    Ray: Kasut merah kata terima kasey incik.
    Ijam: Nak buat camno, amoi lain tak jumpa tudung kaler kuning. Pakai kaler lain clash la, kelepet la..

  7. Syah: Tu la. Makcik pun ingat makcik kayo, tunggu duo jam, dapat medal jo. huhu

  8. Fong: Hey supermom, back at cha! :)

  9. Congrats! Seluruh kerajaan kecik pi sokong tu. Memang patut dapat podium. Medal pun kaler-full. Tang training kayuh tu macam persediaan untuk projek besar je. All the best! Happy new year!

  10. Diket: my kids we disappointed I didn't get the hamper actually. When I got the medal,they were like, " Ni je?" hehe
    Takde la, kayuh is je kayuh for fun. No treneng2. Serius.
    Happy new year!