Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did she really do that?

Today, I was inspired. And got a wee bit jealous.
A colleague of mine showed me a blog of this girl she knew, who finished her first marathon in 3:16. She was a normal person who self trained everyday. Entered small races and got PBs along the way. I was like in awe. Were she to race locally, she would have bagged the top 5 placing. Unfortunately, she ran her marathon overseas, which means you can only get a podium finish if you score a sub 3.

And I was instantaneously inspired. From feeling lethargic and actually malas tu run, I felt I wanted to run off my fever.

Okay, maybe a sub 4:30 can't be achieved this year ( wei, tinggal berapa hari je lagi da bulan Disember), or next year, or possibly the year after that but someday I will achieve it. And even thought right now, my head is filled with things to do at work, meetings, Chiam starting school, Adik starting pre-school, the in laws coming over, this and that, this and that, this and that, I am not deterred.
I will do this some day.

I really don't mean to sound pretentious. I swear I don't. Don't misjudge this entry. " Eleh" some may think.
Because I truly believe a 4:30 marathon can be achieved by anyone, a normal person like you and me who really, really put their heart to it and with their training.

And with that, with my stuffy nose, and 10% of fever, and phlegm-my  cough, and the clouds casting funny dark shadows, I went for my evening run. Who cares if it's just 3.1 miles.
It's a start.


  1. you do 4:30? definitely you will achieve it one day not too far to come :)

  2. yes a sub 4.30 isnt impossible for even a flab like me. it does take time but that's called progress. the other thing, running overseas in cooler climates can actually make you do much much better. c'mon get going!

  3. i tau mcm mana u nak achieve. Loose that track bottom. wear short, yeah...aerodynamic namanya tu

  4. Kakjune: One day, yes. Not too far to come, no. I'm sticking to not doing a marathon and bettering my HM next year. Hehe
    Yim: Yep, you proved a normal joe can achieve it with determination and hard training. You go Yim!
    Ijam: Haha. Yo la tu, incik. On the contrary, I personally think it's not about the clothing. At All.

  5. I believe that's still within your grasp.
    As for me, a PB is always nice, but I learn that it's the finishing that counts... okay maybe because I'm a slow :D

  6. Jom target sub 4h15m!
    (kalau tericir sikit pun, still boleh dapat 4h20m masa race kan?)

  7. It's doable. With enough training, sub 4.30 sure can one. The HMs can be part of the training as well.

  8. kasut merah memang lajuuu...kasut biru ada sloww sket...

    4:30 tu celah gigi jer kalau lari selalu training dgn Diket Menchanak..hi hi *cabuuuuuuuttttttt*

  9. i'm sure you can pull a sub4:30 next year doc! i have faith in you! ;)

  10. Syah: Yes, we can!
    tSar: I believe it's within our grasps.
    Nik: uih, sket2 la dulu.Kang bila buat half sub 2 celah gigi baru kita bincang. kehkeh

  11. Diket:sir, yes, sir. Sila beri tunjuk ajar.
    Ray:"4:30 tu celah gigi jer kalau lari selalu training dgn Diket Menchanak" - setuju..hihi
    Nana no 2 : Next year no kot. Like I said, emphasize on HM orrrrr plan to take that hard fought-for-and-recently-approved-by-government 90 days paid leave by next year *wink*
    Whichever comes first.