Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Totally random

Of all weeks in a year, I love the 2nd last week of December the most. Mana taknya, I have my son's birthday, my husband's birthday and our anniversary all crammed in that week. Best part is, everybody get presents!
This year, I've asked hubs for... jeng jeng jeng.. a bike!
Er, no. Don't get any wrong ideas.
I'm not getting myself into triathlons, duathlons or any other thlons there is. Ishhh..
I just wanna ride a bike.
What suddenly sparked this?
Well, 2 weeks ago, while moving our stuff into our new home, I decided to take one of my husband's bike for a ride. Mind you, I haven't been on a bike since I was 11. So there I was wobbling, trying to get my balance, trying to remember how to balance. I managed to pedal two metres before freaking out and trying to stop the darn thing with my feet. In my panic I forgot that the bike was a bit too high for me, so as a result, my 'middle part' hit the bar - hard and I hurt my as Pui San would call it 'lady bits'..harhar.

I didn't like that at all. Not about the hurting my lady bits part. I didn't like that I , an adult, can't ride a bike. This will be in my 2011 to do list. To re-learn how to ride a bike and be decent at it, like a normal person.
So we're going bike hunting this weekend. Wish us luck.

I want one just like this - minus the complicated gears and the pricey tag,
can or not?

On the running side, I can't get my regular running routine in check as it rains here almost every evening. Before this, my weekday was like :
Monday - run
Tuesday - run
Wednesday - rest
Thursday -run
You get the picture.
Now it's like :
Monday - hujan la- no run
Tuesday - hujan lagi - no run
Wednesday - hujan lagi dan lagi - no run
Thursday - yay! no rain - run ( then it starts to drizzle tengah jalan)
You get the picture.
As a self proclaimed so called runner, I didn't like this one bit, And I told my other half this.
" Hah!" he snorted. "During your marathon training, when it was all sunny outside, you were constantly mumbling ' Rain, dammit, rain!' , remember?"
Ye la, ye la.

Ok, one final cerita. A day before my son's birthday, I asked him,
" Chiam, tomorrow, we'll go for your birthday dinner. You can have anything you want. Anything at all. Your call."
He looked at me, his brown eyes wide with innocence.
" What will it be , darling?"



  1. lol get a fixie (single gear) and used that to begin with. bikes are fun to ride and soon enough you can bike to the pasar pagi and stick a basket in front :)

    I also want biskut, the simple things in life!

  2. Ish..dah lama tak naik basikal.

  3. ouch !! i totally can relate to that lol .. u will get back in swing in no time lah .. and soooo cute nak biskut .. i wish mine would ask for biskut heheh

  4. the guy's bike memang ada top tube, even for us guys pun tu dah macam senjata tersorok hehehe

    have fun hunting, and happy anniversary to you and Wanwon!

  5. doc, i tot u have treadmill? Run inside boleh kan?

    Happy anniversary to you and doc wan. Beli jangan tak beli.

  6. Beli je Cervelo triathlon bike.. nnti lepas 2 bulan kalau cik puan dah boring pakai Cervelo tu, boleh kasi basikal tu sebagai hadiah kat saya pulak...

    (harap2 menjadi la baja aku kali ni.. fuuhhh)

  7. basikal ada kekurangannya, kena suruh pegi kedai beli barang...aduh tensennya...bakul takde pulak tu.

  8. Yim: Uncle, next time I see you I bring you Hwa Tai biskut lor.
    Gerb : Jom la naik sama2
    KakJune: I have to be thankful while he still asks for biskut je kan? hehe. It won't last long.
    Syah: Haha. Senjata tersorok? Sangat tepat sekali. Ouch!
    Shuk: Yes, the trusty thrillmill. Namun, we're too lazy to unfold the damn thing ( alasan) since we moved.
    Nik: Ye, saya memang kaya ibarat Donald Trump sampai boleh beli Cervelo jadi basikal hempas2. Pastu selamba derk je bleh bagik hadiah ye?
    ( baja kurang menjadik- lain kali guna baja guano)
    Ijam: Hehe. Sesuai la ngan I yang tak reti naik bawak moto dan malas nak start kerete tapi nak pegi kedai beli kunyit je.

    BTW, thanks for the wishes people!

  9. Lemau lagi... Hehe
    Beli tandem bike.. then bole hubby je yg kayuh. Haha.
    Jgn lupa loceng kring kring atau hon bai roti. Hahaha

  10. Zarin: tandem mahai oo..lagipun beats the purpose of me learning le incik.
    hon bai roti ade bes juge