Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free finally

Today in the menu was supposed to be an easy 3 miler.
Easy? Not quite considering what I had to go through at work today. Y'see, my department was scheduled for an audit from SIRIM today, with the auditor coming straight from Shah Alam.
And as a neurotic key player, I was bracing myself for the worst.
Thankfully, they found nothing major, just some glitches here and there that are correctable.
And after 2 months of patching things up and worrying my ass off, I can finally heave a heavy sigh of relief.
Glad to cross that one off the agenda finally.

Unfortunately, the closing meeting ended late and I had 10 minutes to do my Asar then hit the tarmac at 6.30 pm. It was dark post rain and twilight was creeping in but I ran anyway. Halfway, my left leg felt heavy and then it drizzled. By this time I was getting harassed by senja weirdos left and right.
That wasn't the worst part.
The worst part was on the last stretch of my run, I saw one of my neighbors releasing his dogs from his gate. Okay, I have no qualms about people having dogs as pets. Dogs are cute, yes but please, for goodness sake, don't have  dogs if you're too lazy to take them out for a proper walk. I mean, this guy lets his dogs loose and they roam freely in the residential area like they run the place. Sure, most of the time the dogs hardly bark. They're comparatively well behaved dogs behind the gate but well, accidents can happen kan?

So anyway, I was running and I noticed these two huge dogs running towards me. I know they weren't charging at me, and they did turn into another lane but it freaked me out to think that I may have to practice the Ape Effect so near to my house. Jiran-jiran mesti blacklist. Hehe
So I ran faster and faster towards my home, praying all that while the dogs won't catch up with me.

When I got safely home and checked my Garmin, it told me I did the last stretch  with a 7.09 min/mile pace.
What's cool was I did that minus the conscious effort without even wheezing, gasping for air (much),collapsing and dying (not necessarily in that order)
Now if I can only maintain that as my race pace.
Sigh. A girl can only dream.

Oh, and to the people of my taman who are reading this ( probably not), for Pete's sake, I'm RUNNING not jogging. Consider this your first final warning.


  1. I always wanted a dog that I can run with. He'll my be true running partner. And no other wild dogs can kacau me.

    A girl can only dream.

  2. see... there's a silver lining to everything. :)
    try telling me that when I bump into the pack of strays near my house before sun up. hahaha

  3. I was chased by four dogs while beach running recently. I was darn scared, but did what I was supposed to do ... you need to face them face to face (too many faces here ... hehehe) and shoosh them while keeping eye contacts. They will definitely back-off. You can start running the moment they turn away. Often times, we tend to run away, that would make things worst as they love chasing runners, and they only attack from behind (avoid showing your butt as that is the meatiest part! ... hehheh).

  4. Damn those dogs along ferringhi beach kan Ian?

    What I did was slowed down to walking when approaching them then slowly ran after making sure that diorang dah leka.

  5. dogs are all over the sandy stretch ... they are really beach-doggers huh. crazy, they even chase the people on jetskis .. gulped ... I saw this one arab couple on jetski having hard time landing on the beach. the dogs were practically chasing them ... hehhehe

    p/s - shuk, can u believe that I am actually chatting with you here .... :) ... tuh lah, lain kali jgn nak block-block access ... dah dapat, pantang nak lepas!

  6. Anyone can dream and dreams can sometimes energize you. So dream on doc! :)
    Shuk, camana nak bagi diorang leka ye? :)

  7. Kalau nak bagi anjing2 tu leka, bagi je iPhone kat diorang.. so diorang boleh la update status diorang kat FB...

  8. banyaknya cerita anjing lately. during my last run in shah alam also, 4 dogs came from opposite direction towards me. at first, only 1 dog, I pointed to her and he move to the side, then 3 others came so I was the one who had to move to the side heheheh...

  9. Kak Kash: If I could have a dog, I'll get a Siberian Husky. Big and fluffy and I'll give her a proper walk definitely.
    KakJune: I sure hope so, kak.
    Tsar/ Atukz: I guess you can look at it this way. Dogs= Speed training. hehheh
    Ian: Meatiest part eh? I'll try to keep that in mind. We're trying to determine the time this guy releases his dogs everyday. We don't have any stray dogs in our running route in the taman except these two dogs.
    Shuk:You guys are incredible, bercuti2 at the beach pun nak lari lagi..hehe

  10. Zackyuiherohongkong:Dreaming on!
    Nik: Hish, dari bagi iPhone kat anjing, baik give it to me. Anjing tu nak tekan touch screen, dia pilih satu, otomatik dapat 5 item. Sesia je.
    Deo: Nak buat camno, anjing je hazards kita while running. Them and cars, potholes, weirdos, overzealous rival runner..

  11. Auditing at work is so hectic. I've been in two companies with ISO and believe me, it's an eye-sore (ISO). Hahaha. Used to be our lame jokes. Sorry.

    I trust with a bit more of race pace during fartlek workouts should do you good for PBIM. Good luck :)

  12. diket : our jokes about ISO is kampung sket compared to yours. Heheh.
    ISO = Ini Susahkan Orang.