Monday, January 25, 2010

Random babble

I took a one week break from all strenuous activities last week. No running, no cross training, no weights. After last Sunday’s 30 K run, my thighs ached, my calves ached and there was this nagging pain on the top of my left foot every time I walked longer than I should have. So I decided to give it a rest.

And it paid off. Yesterday's run ( late recovery run la konon) was done with no pain whatsoever. Couldn’t say the same for hub though, as two new blisters arose from running barefoot on Bangi’s uneven, pebbled and God-knows-what scattered tarmac. However, due to mostly pigging out last weekend which left us a bit sluggish and slow, the run initially scheduled to be 10 miles was greatly reduced to 10K. Oh, well.

We were in the city again last weekend. Hub had to attend a basic life support course in IJN. This gave me and the kids a full Saturday to jalan-jalan with my siblings. It’s not that we don’t meet often, but other than Hari Raya and the occasional family gathering, all four of us seldom have the chance to really get together like when we were kids. It’s was nice mucking about macam dulu-dulu and squabbling over who gets the bill. My brother lost a bit of weight due to his recent interest in running ( sayalah yang menjadi peracunnya) and cycling. I’m now in a mission to racun him to road race pulak. My younger sis hasn't showed the slightest bit of interest ( but there’s still hope!) and my elder sis still doesn't get the concept of running all that distance without winning anything ( but then, I don’t get her futsall-ing as well ~so we’re even). My ultimate dream is to get them all in the bandwagon, running and road racing. This counts for my brother in law too, once he gets back from UK this March ( he did a few races there already)
Yeahhhh, mari meracun.

Anyhow, training for my first marathon will commence as usual starting this week. No more slacking off. No more pigging out ( yo la tu –oink! Oink!). 2 nights vegetarian dinner a week. LSDs, tempo runs, speed work, cross trainings. I’m just doing what my marathon training book tells me to do. If it requires me to flap my arms every 5K and caw like a parrot, then so be it. And all the while, I’m trying to squeeze in normal life in between, or is it the other way round.

 I won't be participating in Putrajaya Night Marathon. Didn’t even register. The date is too close to my dad’s knee surgery and recovery.
But I will be there for Energizer Night Run. I went gaga reading the pamphlet and saw the line of sponsors. And I could use the Energizer head lamp in my practice.
Which got me wondering: If the marathon is supposed to start at 5pm, the Kenyas wouldn’t get to turn on their lamps at all as they finish 2 hours later.
Shucks. What a waste!

See, being slow ain’t so bad.


  1. Im LOL while reading ur last 2 line.
    Ha ah..what a waste

  2. hebat betul racun, doc! tu menteri kesihatan dah approve kan?

  3. Ha, you're right about the Kenyans and the Energizer marathon! That's why some races like SCSM don't start in the wee hours like 4am.

  4. ok, I'm with you. my training for Putrajaya Night Marathon will also commnece this week :) see you at Energizer. (haven't registered mine yet)

  5. march sounds optimistic.

    too optimistic.

  6. gerb : tu la kan? baik bagi lamp tu kat orang lain
    amsyah : siap dicertified halal lagi tau.
    Kak Haza : But I like races in wee hours, sejuk sikit.
    Ian : Go register la, the limit is 1000 participants for full. Nak bagi cukup-cukup lamp kot.

  7. Judin : Beats me. Ayah told the whole clan you'd be back in March. So you better BE back in March, buddy.

  8. kakaka, we definitely will benefit from energizer's run - get to use the head lamp - imagine macam pekerja lombong.... :)

  9. bila lagi nak merasa cam pekerja lombong..hihi