Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy feet?

So on Friday, I felt the chills. I was like shivering in my office, but it was sweltering hot outside and the air cond wasn't turned on. I repeatedly asked my staff ,
" Sejuk tak?"
" Apsal sejuk sangat aa?"
They shrugged. It was 32 degrees outside.
And I felt weak. For no reason. And at the end of the day appointment, I was struggling to get a patient's crown done.
 When I went home, took a couple of PCMs and plonked down on the sofa. I fell asleep immediately. Usually, I'm a light sleeper. But I didn't even stir when hub got back from picking up the kids from the nursery. Sedar-sedar , they were giving me kisses and asking " Are you alright, mama?".

Aiseh, demam lagiii...

The next day (ie today), an LSD is due. Sure, it's tapering week and I only had 12K to do but to think that I had to skip that is just a bummer.
I decided to suck it up. To read that Ann Trason could finish her race with a flu and still get 2nd place is definitely motivating.
So, before bed, I swallowed a couple more PCMs and hoped for the best.

And today I went running. It felt good. And finished with good timing ( by my standards la). The only downer was a HUGE snake carcass beside the road that we had to pass 4 times. Although it was dead, it had an evil glint in his half opened crushed eye. Yeeechhh.

But during running I wondered. How do you run effortlessly? In the book I'm currently reading ( and loving to bits) Born To Run, it tells of these young runners so called The Young Guns and the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico who can easily run long distances, with excellent timing and still smile at the end of the race. I can understand the smile bit but how do you embrace the pain? How do you face the fatigue, welcome it like a long lost buddy and in return, encourage you to run faster?

 Scott Jurek (hub's hero) and Arnulfo Quimare. zaaasss - ye, selaju itu.

 And how come whenever I read in running mags or forums from overseas, it seems like almost everybody can finish sub 5 marathons? And almost everybody there can finish with excellent timing like it's nothing. A fat truck driver, an actor, a teacher, a one legged handicap?
Is it the weather? Is it the genes? Is it attitude? Is it purely mind over matter?


And sure, I understand that I'm only a beginner. I've only started running seriously for like what? 6 months? And I know I can't start too fast, too early, too soon.
But it baffles me.
It baffles me.


  1. some people are just naturally gifted with running. I know of someone who is naturally talented when it comes to running; she just doesn't stop and won't stop running. I went for a run with her and she sped off for a long time and came back after 2 hours, happy as a sun. nothing hurts, she's just a little bit tired. she runs again the next day. also, she's an unorthodox runner - doesn't do lsd, speedwork or hills, but managed to complete her first half marathon in exactly 2 hours. i have given up on feeling jealous or frustrated with her ease. and cheer her instead!

  2. mebbe it's our culture to be mentally, err, handicapped. I still have many problems overcoming unnecessary fear and mental breakdowns. But it gave me a sense of self, a feel-good factor - that I am actually doing something to improvise and rectify this 'defects'.

    take it easy, do not injure yourselves, lama nak pakai kaki tu ooo. keep them happy

  3. tolldoll : yes, some are undoubtedly naturally talented but I wish normal people like us( ie like me~sigh)can have THAT drive like the orangputehs to achieve.
    amsyah : I think so too-maybe it is our culture not to overdrive ourselves..berpantang pun nak ambik 40 hari, lari merendahkan peranakan la..apa la..
    Let's get over this! ( while trying to avoid injury)

  4. I'm currently reading 'Chi Running' - darn, it's so confusing and am getting more running injuries. thot of just ditch the chi technique and go back to my ol' runnning ways i.e. posture all over the place :)

  5. alamak..macam tu pulak dah? maybe you have to watch those chi techniques in youtube kot to get the clearer picture..that's how hub does it with barefoot running..haha..look at me giving advice to the expert..macam bagus je aku nih..cet