Thursday, January 28, 2010

Menu sedap April

I am Ecstatic. Bidor Half Marathon and Malakoff Penang 26K are scheduled to be on April. I’ve been waiting for this.
Last year I gave Bidor Half Marathon a pass. Simply, because it was beyond me to run that far. This year, I’ll be in for sure. And so close to home too. ( ok, 2 hours away is nearer that 4 in KL)

And Malakoff Penang was our first road race. But a year back, I only did 6K. Tu pun I remember,when we got home a bit late, my dad was waiting for us,holding the pamphlet of the race and drilled
“How far did you run?”
“ Only 6”
“Phew, I thought you ran the 26 and fainted on the road.”

Now , when I tell him I’m off to do an LSD Of 22K, he just shrugs nonchalantly and say, ” Habisla macam tongkang pecah rumah ni” referring to my kids left behind who tend to trash the house with their toys.

Anyway, told me hub back then that I’ll be back to do the 26. And InsyaAllah, I’ll keep that promise.

Thing is, there’s this issue on this one race in Perak also scheduled this April. The SUUNTO Perak 12H Rogaining Navigation Quest ( there's a mouthful). Hub has been egging me to join him in this one. I don’t know squat about it. All I know, it’s like a road race with compass. I get the idea that it’s like a treasure hunt or something. And it goes on for like 12 hours. Yikes. And possibly involves going to the hutan, which possibly means a possible encounter with snakes and (OMG!) leeches. Double yikes. But it might be fun (?). I heard there's not too many lady participants in these kinds of races before, let alone tudung clad lady participants.

But we’ll see. Maybe after being in a marathon this March, I’ll stop being a wimp and change my mind. I’ll just suck it up and join him. Who knows?

As in now, let’s just count our chicks before they hatch. Or in my case, the chickens haven’t even laid their eggs yet.
But let’s just count anyway.


  1. (posted my comment yesterday but didn't appear)

    bring along your family for Bidor Run, and stay at Kampar Grand Hotel. Kids will love the big room. I love the running route as well, thru kampung and cow dungs ... :)

  2. your kids bila nak masuk run pulak haha

  3. TCA: The kids will definitely LOVE the hotel. (btw, attended a course once there..surprised to see a nice hotel in Kampar) but then who will jaga them when we run. Looks like they'll have to tongkang pecah my parents' house again.
    amsyah: waa.. i plan to encourage the boy first..jeles la tengok anak abu power lari...siap masuk paper lagi..hehe

  4. my hubby did the Bidor Half last year - I didn't go then. This year, I'll follow him! Bidor route sounds very interesting! Now, I can tail him everywhere he runs - only shorter distance for me...

  5. Good luck for your full ! Might see u in bidor then :)

  6. try the navigation.. it rocks =)

  7. cheryl & June: Can't wait for Bidor! Let's get more girls in Bidor half, yes?
    Fong : I'm thinking about it ( I'm a self confessed scaredy cat). It's way out of my comfort zone, but then running was too..hehe :)

  8. I am planning to to the bidor too!! i have been wanting to since I been joining races. I hope i get to run though, and that the race won't be too 'commercialized'... is that bad?

  9. Nah, nothing too commercialized, I think. Besides, Bidor's a small town