Monday, January 11, 2010

No panic button in this contraption.

It's a week from a big race and I have a foot infection. Grreeeaaattt.
I'm now on antibiotics, painkillers
I'm also on 2 days MC ~ shamefully first time I had to take MC in almost 6 years.
So now, no running, no cross training, nothing, nada, takdak apa, yelek.

I'm stuck home watching crap tv ( now I know late afternoon weekday programs are mostly sampah),on the sofa with my legs elevated and walking around everywhere on tippy toes ( hopefully strengthening my calves).
I'm not panicking. Not yet, anyway.
Initially my goal for this Sunday is Race Happy, Race Fast.
Now, I'm good with Race Happy, Race Still Be There When I'm Done.

So for those who are worried about not covering enough mileage, not enough LSD and what have yous.
Bear in mind
Somebody got it far worse, my friend.
And I'm not worried.


  1. o I hope you get well soon. but if you don't, worry not - kesihatan dulu, hobby/passion later :)

  2. I googled images of foot infection and they looked VERY scary. Like one of those gross images on cigarettes pack. How's your like?What happened?

  3. amsyah : Getting well..thanks :)
    Kak Kash : no no. The cigarette packs are the blown up version, worse of the worse, apa saje to scare those perokok tegar...mine's just a tiny abscess kat sole of the foot, no biggie but hurts like hell bila jalan

  4. get well soon doc! theres always other runs if u miss this one.. but hopefully u dont!

  5. -Panic Button has been deleted-
    All the best for this Sunday's Fun Run Race. Esok lusa elok la kaki tu.. insya

  6. what panic button? it's non-existent. :)

    get well doc, and let's do the fun race.

  7. che : Thanks.. I hope I won't miss this one as well.
    Enaikay : InsyaAllah..tip toeing has reduced..sempat mop lantai kira dah getting well dah kot.
    TCA : You betcha it's gonna be fun..and they say it'll be a hilly route..bah..hills schmills.

  8. hi doc...make sure your feet is in a better condition before ur race k. it will hurt like hell if u continue running. There's always another race.

  9. mclarenna: Oki doki.Noted.thanks!:)

  10. Doc, how are you now? See you this Sunday. All the best! Hope to meet up with you.

  11. hi doc, hows yer run? hope to read race report real soon. Anyway, if you dunt mind can i get your email pls, i have some 'gigi' related question to ask.

  12. cheryl : sorry the late reply, I'm doing ok. Thanks for asking. Didn't manage to catch you again. Next time, huh?
    Mclarenna :'s posted. It's Ask away.