Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's wrong with you?

From the book Rules of The Thumb : A Life Manual it is said that "To determine the size of your brain, put your fists together so that your wrist touch and your thumbnails face you side by side."

Well, I found out today that some people, when they put their fists together pun agaknya they'll still get half the size. And it's not a congenital defect or anything but  rather something they acquired over the years of their sad little lives.

Peristiwa no 1.

We plan to start early  for our LSD at the Lake Garden, so we figured we'd do our Subuh  at a nearby mosque. When we arrived, the  azan had just been recited so I was in a hurry to follow the rest of the saf. I took my telekung from my PBIM Digi bag. Usually, at some other places, at some other time, I'd put my bag in front of me but because there was nothing else in the bag except some product brochures from the run, I chucked it behind me. When we were in the 2nd rakaat, I heard some shuffling noises behind me and I thought it must be some other woman getting herself ready for the prayer but even after we've finished the qunut, I was still alone in the women's saf.
After the salam, I turned to get my bag but  what's weird was that it was on the floor 4 meters away from where I last placed it. My first thought was : the wind must have blown it away. But there was no wind, and the bag was too heavy to be carried by the draft. It eerily dawned to me finally that somebody must have tried to take something from my bag while I was praying. The nerve!! I was so disappointed.. and mad. I was appalled that someone had the audacity to try to steal in a mosque! While everyone else was praying! Is nothing sacred to them anymore?
I can't imagine somebody can go around like that with no conscience whatsoever. Please la...

Peristiwa no 2

So we ran at the Lake Garden in our attempt to do a 15K LSD. It was clearly stated on a BIG signboard at the entrance of the Lake Garden that on weekends and Public Holidays, the two way road will be turned automatically to a one way road in favour of the runners, walkers,etc. Tapi yang hanginnya, banyakkk vehicles tak ikut and risk running over people just because they're too damn selfish or maybe just plain stupid. Nak kata tak reti baca, ramai je bawak big, expensive cars indicating that presumably they're professionals and are head honchos at work. Tapi why la why so dumb in that way.

So I guess it's true that some people can be summed up like that.
Put two fist together, oso get half.


  1. jangan le marah2 like that

  2. 1. now people not only dare to steal in a mosque but some dare to do "other things" too

    2.They just being ingorance.Bingai=x paham bahasa

  3. anon : not mad, just venting.
    gerbera : bingai is so dead on