Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm bored and there's nothing good on TV

It’s only Wednesday and I’m up to my nose with things around me. Here are some

Workwise : I managed to climb up a step that ladder. I’d like to say I nailed the promotion but truth to the matter is, there wasn’t much nailing to be done in the first place. Then, there was this rumor going around that I might have to take charge of another clinic, which means I have to haul the whole family to another location, which I hate because I hate to be forced out of my comfort zone unwillingly. Finally, got a phone call from the Big Boss saying that all is well, stay wherever I was staying and do whatever I was doing before ( but with slightly more perks).

Runningwise : Dammit! No races post PBIM and pre Pacesetters 30K. But I’m training well ( please don’t ask “ define : well”). I read in FB that the Pacesetters 30K will be moved to Padang Merbok, wherever that is. So will this mean there will be no mosque along the way like the previous planned route at Putrajaya? Ok, ok I will not whine. And this new route will involve double hills! I basically train on flat surfaces so this will definitely be a challenge.
I’m doing a different training regime. Yes, I’m all about fad training regimes. Before, I used to log in my accumulated mileage weekly. This new regime says “ Screw that!” and I go “ Okay!”.
I’ll tell you guys about it once I get that sub 5 marathon…haha..tu dia aih..berangan baik punya.

Reading wise? : I’m now reading “ Rules of The Thumb : A Life Manual compilated by Tom Parker. Let me share :
  1. If your fiancée does something that bothers you before you ‘re married, it will bother you ten times more after you’re married.
  2. When you are checking a reference and ask someone ‘s former employer whether he/she would hire the person again, any answer but “ yes” is a “no”.
  3. If a woman can walk around during contractions, she’s not fully dilated ( duh)
  4. When ants travel in a straight line , expect rain.

I could go on for hours but then I’ll lose all of you by then.
Or are you guys already gone?
Hello? Hello?


  1. Your hubs running wit u, right? Then you guys can stop a while at pondok pak guard in Tijani villa. Some runners do stop there to pray. I'm not sure of this year's route, tho.

  2. Nope. I'll be doing it solo. He's still nursing his injuries and training with his barefoot running, so he's not ready for races just yet.
    But thanks for the suggestion...and you're still here -grin-

  3. yaaa.. memula sub-5, pastu sub-4, pastu sub-3, pastu sub-2..
    pas sabtu, ahad laaa.. kihkihkih..
    go us!

  4. im reading, don't worry. congratulations on your work. And have fun running the 30k!


  5. pops: you and your weird jokes..sep baik it doesn't bother me..hehe
    tolldoll : thanks and good luck for Malakoff..take it easy ya? ( tak boleh sign in google ke? I had difficulties too)