Sunday, December 6, 2009

We're back on track

Okay, cheat week is officially over and we celebrated it with much gusto. No kidding.
Cheat week was all about food and travel. As I grew up mostly in the north and spent a few years in the middle part of Malaysia, I never really had much reason to venture the South. So we decided to head way South for this edition of cuti-cuti Malaysia.
And like I said, food was one of our main objective. And I personally got what I wanted. Rojak Singapore, tauhu bakar, briyani Batu Pahat, mee rebus Johor, Wah! A friend also insisted on Kacang Pool.

I'm not a big fan of baked beans but it wasn't bad, no it was quite good, actually.

I only missed out on Johor's famous goreng pisang cicah ngan kicap pedas simply because we couldn't find any stalls along the road ( weird, huh?)And it didn't stop there. When we got back, the food fest continued.
But  guilt got the best of us so we did managed to squeeze in 11K yesterday. Tu pun lepas tu had nasik kenduri at a cousin's wedding and my department's Family Day lunch at a hotel.
And to close cheat week, tonight as the official last day of binge-ing, I've cooked nasi lemak for dinner.With real santan and not the usual low fat santan in a box. Heaven.
So okay, crunch time starts tomorrow. We've enjoyed what we've enjoyed.
Lepas ni back to constant pounding, back to the usual regime, back to training.
And funnily enough, I can't wait.

But now, for that nasi lemak...Ahhhhh...


  1. Kacang pol sgt sedap. Ni kacang pol Haji Kacang pol kat larkin ke?

    I bought 1 can of foul bean to make my own kacang pol but until today its still resting on the shelf. Hehe.

    happy running

  2. Oh yeah.. kacang pool kat larkin perdana tu mmg best 13.2 skala Richter!!!
    Sometimes after we swim kat kolam larkin, we'll make a visit there for kacang pool, or for the mee rebus stulang.

  3. taktau la kacang pool ni haji ke hajjah or near a swimming pool ke tak but we had it at Plaza Larkin..haha..
    And we had mee rebus stulang too and it was yummy minus two udang besar dia kasi ( we are not fans of udang)

  4. Weh, kat area rumah I got this one pakcik selling goreng pisang cicah kicap cili. I'm not even in Johor lah.

  5. True, true. I've tasted goreng pisang cicah kicap at KL/Selangor but my Johorean friends kept insisting ," Tak sama, tak sama."
    Then like how?

  6. nanti kalau ke JB lagi, try apam balik pulut hitam kat majidee... hoooo sodap! pastu jangan lupa beli dvd haram RM3 sahaja di Kip Mart (sori lah menyokong barangan tiruan...)

  7. shaq:sangat sedap, tak tipuu
    amsyah: haha..siap promote dvd haram tuuuu