Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions adelah karipap

Before the year ends tonight, I'd better review 2009. I managed to dig up last year's blog entry for resolutions of 2009. Lemme see..

2009/1430 to do list and what I actually did:

1. Be more toned.
I guess I am. And I thought I've reached plateau 5 years ago, but surprise-surprise, I did managed to lose another 1 kg what's with all those running. I'm doing 5-6 days of workouts weekly. So I guess that's not too shabby.

                                                                                                  tapi takdela cam ni..fuh.

2. Save more money

Saved and saving... Important for proper exit strategy

3. Use my passport
Nope. Refer no 2.

4. Run more
You betcha I did. I guess I overachieved this one. I never really thought/imagined that I'd participate in competitive running. I've been working it up in my mind for the last couple of years but never really had the guts to do it until May when I suddenly experienced what you can say an enlightenment. Never looked back since.

5. Do more housework! hahhahhah ( ye la tu, says somebody i know)
Ye la tu..

6. Learn how to goreng on the drums
Yup. Goreng the (chicken) drum stick is more like it. Initially the drums were bought because I wanna look like awesome Meg White ( of the White Stripes). But ever since the purchase of those drumsets, ade la 3-4 months semangat nak main, then the giddiness deteriorated. Those poor drums are now like artifacts in the back room.Sometimes, hub will play for about 5-6 minutes. Occasionally, when the kids somehow find their way to the room, they'll bang on it like there's no tomorrow. Me? I can hardly remember the basics.

Maybe I'll carry forward this to 2010 huh?

3 out of 6? Ayoyo..
But I did achieved some other things that are, well, unintended
1. Got a promotion
2. Got an APC
3. Learned the guitar !!
    I bought my first guitar back in 2002 and tried to learn to play but it made my fingers rough and hurt like anything. So I gave up and kept the thing in my room so my friends would be awed with my coolness (huhu). But when hub left to do some peacekeeping duties with UN in Lebanon for 9 months, I got bored and took guitar lessons on Youtube ( everything is so accessible nowadays on the net). Now I can proudly say I can play..urm..good..uh..sometimes.. Not Steve Vai yet but probably Lisa Loeb or Jewel. Okay, I 'm exaggerating. But I can play. Yay me!

4. Got 2nd in a race! Walaupun bukan dikalangan orang terer2 tapi I got RM200 for it. Terer schmerer.

So 2009 ain't so bad. I got to be the girl who did things and not the girl who dreamed big but was too scared to get off her but.

So for 2010/ 1431, I hope to

1. Run a marathon!

2. Eat healthily ! Cut back the jajans!

3. Be more toned ( TONED not SKINNY)

4. Menerer kan diri playing the guitar and play Karma Police ( yo la tu..power chords pun terhegeh-hegeh)

5. Be a multitasker super mommy ( cheeyyy)

6. Berguru

7. Oh..and learn how to goreng on the drums ( fingers crossed)

That's all for now. I'm off to sleep. LSD this week will be postponed to 2nd January as the Lake Garden will be full of mat rempits still in new year celebration mood, people with bad hangovers and other weirdos who can't fathom the decency of an early morning run.

Happy new year everybody! God Bless.


  1. waa cool nye buleh main gitar... and nampaknye semua runnerblogger buat azam to run and run and run...

    KL Marathon ka?

    Happy New Year, doc!

  2. seems like cool..until you hear me miss one of the strings and it goes ting! toing!..keyword : play good...sometimes..haha..needs plenty more improving
    happy new year too!

  3. I suka karipap!


    Happy new year, see ya at GE30k.

  4. Im recycling my old resolution too..Byk sangat yang tak kesampaian last year.
    + more runs will be in my list.

    Happy New Year Doc.

  5. hey the drums and guitar are two cool resolutions... you definitely should park the drums in your 2010. I've tried playing the guitar but didn't really like it, however, I am amazed at everyone who knows how to play one.

    I'm planning to do a marathon too, insyaAllah - kl marathon jom? we can train together-gether. heheh. but I think that'll be my only marathon kot.

  6. Kak Haza : Karipap is my favourite-est..hehe. Can't wait!
    Gerbera : I guess recycling is good. At least we don't put off our intended plans all together, kan?

  7. tolldoll : Learning the guitar really tests the meaning of kesabaran.But once those finger tips get numb, and you no longer feel the pain ( sometimes)it'll be allright.
    I'm eyeing the Enigizer Marathon and if that goes well, maybe I'll do KL too. ( Let's count our chicks before they actually hatch..hehe)

  8. happy new year doc....white stripe tu apa? sheila e i kenal la...hehehe

  9. shuklazim: happy new year to you too..
    White Stripes tu duo yang amatlah cool..tapi I doubt Meg White tu seterer Sheila E

  10. past resolution #3
    - I've overused mine, which explains why I am so miskin now. Huhu

  11. you can borrow mine anytime..hehe