Sunday, June 21, 2009

one more

Did my 6 k today in the same kampung route. We were comparatively slow this morn and I felt a tightness in my chest for the first 2 k. It was so bad that everytime my husband tried to engage in a conversation with me,. I responded with hand gestures.

At one moment, I even told him to shut up..heheh

Thank God after 2Ks, my breathing got better and I sped up on the way back. Still couldn't make up the time I lost during my slow initial drag.

On another note, I offered my place for the Standard Chartered 5K next week to my sis. My hub had this MDA to go to so I can't make it. Lagipun dah buat 6k this month takkan nak go back to 5K pulak kot kan? ( Chehh..ayat belagak)

But I really have to clear up my family's concept of entering these races. IT'S NOT FOR WINNING, PEOPLE. If everyone entered to win then why would 15,000 people bothered to sign up for the  SCKLM ?


But I really hope my sis would go on with the race. Tambah satu lagi umat peminat.

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