Tuesday, June 16, 2009

56 % humidity


Despite the sluggishness of my body due to water retention and some body ache due to the weights training yesterday, I decided to just go on the treadmill at lunch hour today. Jgn fikir banyak..just do it for crying out loud.

I initially paced at an incredibly slow 4.5 mph but then, reaching the last0.5  mile I decided to run for it at 7 mph.

Clocked in at the usual 23 min for 3.2km. Okla tu..dah buat time lunch hour jadi la

I just wish my idiopathic feet edema would go away soon. Hope it's not something seriously medical.

There's something wrong with the electrical wiring in my clinic today. Dah la paperwork takbleh siap, patient pun kena reject. Most of all...panasss.

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