Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Run This Year

Phew, I'm still sweating buckets.
After almost 6 months of not actively running ( fast walking still don't count) I finally ran yesterday
And boy, it felt so good to literally sweat it out.

I've been meaning to try my new treadmill out since 2 weeks ago but the pesky flu bug got in the way. My chest was congested so bad that I had to take in a couple of breaths to finish a single sentence. And this means a definite no go on the treadmill.

My sister on the other hand, fit as a fiddle got to try it out. In other words, merasmikan my brand new machine.

Ini tak boleh jadi, kataku.

Dengan semangat penuh kedengkian, saya pun berlari. Even though I was still coughing.

My machine, The Sole F85 is claimed to be, by its manufacturer as 'The Best Folding Treadmill On The Planet.
 No kidding. Look it up.

To tell you the truth, if it were up to me, I'd buy the first bulky treadmill I see at the first Fitness Concept I go to. But to my husband, it's all about research. And I left it all to him.
We googled everything from Nordic Track to Life Fitness ( ridiculously expensive) to  Reebok.
But we liked Sole the most.

Let me tell you why.
 My interpretation of a good solid treadmill is the width of its deck. My previous treadmill had a 20 inch deck. And most treadmills used in gyms have 20 inch decks.
To me, you shouldn't settle with decks narrower than that. It will be such a chore to run, train and catwalk at the same time.

The Sole F85, get this, has a 22 inch deck.  Best giler.
Kau nak guling-guling atas treadmill pun boleh.
( okay, exaggeration)

Ianya leberrr

So we crossed our fingers and hoped there is a Sole dealer in Malaysia. We looked it up and found out they were just setting their show room up in Puchong. So we called the person in charge and set up an appointment at  this so called show room.
When we arrived, we saw that the  shoplots were new. Papan tanda pun takde lagi.
It seemed a bit shady. We kinda doubted at first that this guy was legit.  Siap asked us to wait 10 minutes because he was out.

Fortunately when the tokey arrived, he explained that they were just starting to renovate the showroom. When we were inside the shop ( its roller shutters were closed previously), baru nampak an array of fitness machine and instruments. Phew! So we went down to business straight away.

Best of all, we got a deal in which Tokey agreed for free shipping to Taiping, since a hotel in Taiping bought a few machines from him and it's en route. Not only that, but we also got a new recumbent bike for free! And for the heck of it, he threw in a floor protector and a yoga mat for free as well. As if he knew  I'm an idiot for free stuff.

Anyway, like I said , I only got the chance to try it out for the first time yesterday ( after it was delivered to us almost 2 weeks ago).
And I'm in love with  it.

Other than wide, the  deck is also long ( 60 inches at least) so that you don't fall back too soon when it gets too fast or you get too tired, hurhur.
It's relatively quieter and has built in speakers so you can jack your Ipod in and don't have to pull out your headphones every 30 seconds to hear whether your ( my) baby is crying or not.

It has a cool 9 inch LCD screen for the display. You can choose your own program and the machine can personalize it for you when you enter your weight and age.  The timer on the display counts down rather than up which to me makes it more bearable ( I can't explain why).

The only thing is, my last treadmill used imperial system and measured everything in miles so I got used to that. If only I can figure out how to change the settings from Km to miles, then everything would be perfect. (I'll wait for my husband to get home on the weekend to do this as I can't be bothered with technical stuff)

Malangnya no LCD screen to watch movies :( .
You can't always get what you want, ok.

The run went pretty smoothly and quietly. When I described smooth and quiet, I meant the treadmill, not me.
I on the other hand, after not running for a long time, was panting away and cursing when the 'fat-loss' program on the mill raised the inclination to 5. And due to the hot hazy weather, it was like running in a sauna and I was sweating a lot.
I mean, A LOT.
Which was good even though afterwards I was feeling a bit woozy.

And I loved sweating it out so much that today I decided to run.
I know for a fact that if you haven't been running in a along time, you should alternate your running days to allow muscle recovery but I just couldn't help myself.
So I planned, just a quick spin, a 10 minute-ish run or until the baby wakes up, whichever came first.

As  I reached the 10th minute,on  a roll and hoping baby would continue napping so I could get at least 20-30 minutes instead, my little princess with a built in timer ( as my mom claims) woke up and started pining for mommy's attention.
cheeky lil' miss

OK.  Got that. Rest.
End of today's skit.


  1. Pergh... terliur tengok machine tu. SOme more, banyaknya barang free! I loike! :)

    Pasang ar satu flat screen TV kat dinding tu. :)

    p.s. cute little missy. Acik Lina kirim kiss satu!

    1. Kan? BEst gile benda free walaupun yoga mat tu ntah bila nak guna haha

      Lil' miss kata " hai auntie :)"

  2. Nice! Lega ye dapat berlari hehe. Kalau I pegi gym pun I akan pegi kat treadmill yang lebih leberr. Dan panjang. I used to love the treadmill. Can run almost any time (at the gym, dekat je), takyah perhatikan anjing2...tapi sejak start marathon training earlier this year, I banyak lari kat luar & nak naik treadmill macam dreadmill. Until now. Huhu.

    1. I pun dulu camtu masa marathon training. Thing is, with running outside you don't really notice the distance and time sbb byk benda boleh tgk. Memang best.

      But since my hubs got posted kat KL, it's hard leaving the kids to go running keliling taman so terpaksa jugakla guna my precious machine ( psaiko diri , psaiko diri )

  3. Whoa! Hari ni 101 treadmill lesson for me. Now baru tau la ada ukuran lebor & panjang. Thanks for sharing. Happy running!

    p/s. Hill training mode pun dah cecah pace 6.00! Cayoks!

  4. OMG I wish my hill training cecah pace 6.00!

    Nope, that's on display mode
    You don't want to know how pathetic my pace on hill training is now huhu

  5. Untung laa sapa beli treadmill and rajin nak guna. Ai beli dulu utk wifey, tp sekarang 2-3 bulan pon payah sekali nak tengok cik wifey gunakan. Ehemm, tapi taim jerebu ni, ada jugak pelari tua cam ai ni hop on it :]

    Good thing we bought yg good quality, so tak mudah jahanam. Still in good condition after more than 4 yrs now. 4 years tapi rasanya belum cecah 300km for me and her combined kot. Aduihh..


    1. It is really advisable to buy a high quality treadmill. It' s more durable and kita pun puas hati.
      And then, what's with the amount we have to invest in it, semestinya akan membuat kita berasa guilty untuk biarkan dia jadi tmpt sidai baju hehe

      Nak galakkan wife you lari kat machine tu cakap je ," You nampak macho la lari kat treadmill" . Sure dia rahin punya lah

  6. Doc, blh bgtau nama n no. tepon kedai kat puchong yg jual treadmill tu. kalau blh bgtau harga pun ok. tq

  7. HI Anon,
    Boleh pi ke Kami dapat maklumat semua dari situ :)
    Happy shopping!

  8. Awesome treadmill selection Doc, pasnih bolela lari2 setempat anytime tanpa perlu tawaf taman perumahan hehee... kena letak TV gak situ sebagai distraction, bole tengok soap opera sambil berlari... tahu2 je dah 15k kan... Hehee... Teringin nak cekau satu recumbent bike too... Kena gi tengok showroom diorg nih, dekat je nih... =P

    1. I guess I have to get a Tv one of these days. My longest run ever on the treadmill is about 13k and to this day I still can't figure out how I did it without dying of boredom.

      The recumbent bike is okay. The machine can digitally estimate body fat percentage and I use that more often than spinning hurhur

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