Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Farewell, friend.

It was circa 2005.
We were in a mall in Penang when we first saw you.
We fell in love with you immediately. We saw your potential. And I guess you saw through ours.
It was a tough time. You were way beyond our budget.
We were in our mid twenties, barely in our first year working. We had a little baby. Our car was pre owned and we rented a small house in a strange new place.
But we were determined. We had to have you.

So we  went out on a limb and had you on easy pay for 12 months. And you were well worth it.

It has been 8 great years since.

There were good and bad days, mostly good. On bad days, you would collect dust and be laced with cobwebs.

But you took me through rainy days. You took me through my first race. You took me through my first marathon. You took me through days I was too embarrassed to run outside. You took me through speed trainings. You took me through my subsequent pregnancies.
 Through it all.

There were times you were under- appreciated. You became a dread, a waste of space. But you braved through all those times, never letting me down.
You stood there, constantly reminding me to get a hold of my life. To own my body.

But as much as I love you, I have to let you go.
You have been of great service and with that I thank you.

I'm moving on, that's true. It's a fact you have to understand.

But I will not fail you. You will go on to other people who need you more. A diabetic friend in need of routine excercise to maintain her health. I hope she will be good to you. I hope she will give you more good days than bad. I hope you will be fully utilized. I hope you will not be downgraded as a place to hang clothes on rainy days.

You will go down in history, no worries. Your story will surely inspire some 9 year old to write a 'Saya Sebuah Treadmill' essay.
And even if in that essay I will be potrayed as an ungrateful person, that is the sacrifice I am willing to take for you.

Good luck with your new owner.

With lots of love,



  1. *sob sob*
    terharu baca
    *wipe tears away*

    p.s. yang baru with all the bling beli katne?

  2. Oh itu cerita coming soon next entry. Poyo tak?

    Lagipun barang baru sampai, x sempat nak rasmi lagi so nxt week baru buat review. (double poyo heh heh)

  3. Laaa...baru aje saya nak jawap teka teki.

  4. Nak jawab teka teki?
    What animal can jump higher than a house?

    Took me a few months ro get that one when I was 9. huhu

  5. Replies
    1. Laaaaa, saspen ke?
      Kalau gitu sep baik ai tak boh tajuk ' Tiga sekawan Di Pulau Misteri'

  6. Wah it surely served you well. So takde rasa bersalah sangat nak lepaskan. ;)
    I had an elliptical machine once. Served me well after I gave birth to my no. 1 to no. 3. Lepastu dah ramai2 tu habis dijadikan mainan. Rosak & buang.

  7. Kids tend to do that kan? When my kids started to mess around with the treadmill, jenuh melarang. Then I got this neat idea to just let them run on it.
    Skarang ni bila tanya " Nak lari atas treadmill ke?", they'll answer," Noooooooo.."

    Pity about your machine but this can be an excuse to get another new one eh? Thanks for dropping by :)

    1. Anak I yang sorang tu pun sama. Makin tak bagi, makin sibuk.

      La ni I biar je dia naik my spinning bike. Rasanya dah lost interest dah kot. Dah lama tak sibuk naik dah. But then again, mak dia pun sama. Bike tu jadi tempat sidai handbag je. HAHAHA

    2. Tu la pasal, bagi je. Bila dah bagi comfirm dia naik boring.
      Nak2 kalau kita tetapkan time dia kena eksersais atas machine tu. Lagi dia boooorrrriingg ( cam kita jugakla hehe)

  8. Kenapa tak cakap, I tengah cari treadmill!!!!!! :(
    Shanaz :)

  9. Alahai, my old treadmill is too wonky for a serious runner like you. Segan la ai.

    Serius kalau lari laju- laju bunyi cam naik ketapi.

  10. Replies
    1. Entah.. semalam ingat.. harini dah lupa.. hehe

    2. Hg pening sebab lari banyak sangat kot....fuiyooooo

      Jgn marah, nanti kena jual ;)