Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today is my last week of maternity leave. Boohoohoo.
Better make the best of my spare time and write something because starting next week I'll be super busy with puasa coming and all.

A part of me dread going to work but another part of me is excited to be back.

Anyway, I'll be learning how to survive my mornings rushing to work with 3 kids with 3 different places to send them to. Can you spell chaos?
I really must devise a brilliant plan for this one of these days.

I ran today to just finish 2 miles in 30 minutes. How pathetic is that? No wonder most women athletes take 2 years off post childbirth to retrain.
Not that  I'm an athlete. Pftrrrr.
Wow, perasannya.

I plan to check my work wardrobe today. They all still fit me but some pants are a bit tight at the waistline due to mummy tummy but konon it's normal physiology post childbirth.
Still, it's a great excuse to shop for more clothes. And baju raya. Did I tell you I almost always shop for our raya wardrobe before fasting? Hurhur.

I registered Adik for standard one yesterday. My babies are growing up real fast.
Weird thing was, the kerani at her school asked innocently when I was holding my baby,
" Is this your first child?"
I go,"Who? The one I'm registering right now?"
Then she pointed out at my 3 month old, " No, her"
And I gave her a puzzled look.
After 5 seconds she realized her mistake a smiled sheepishly. Post haze weather still makes people pretty much confused kot.

My parents just got back from their trip visiting my brother in the Netherlands. Guess what they brought back?
peaches, nectarines, and cherries oh my!

 I miss eating these fresh. The ones sold in hyper/supermarkets are so overripe and sour and literally disintegrate in your mouth.

I don't know of it's bad news or good news but they also got us these.

I wailed, " Mommmm, you know I'm trying to lose 4 kgs?"
" I can't help it," she said, " They sell these at 1 euro per pack"
Gile murah.

Kata orang, rezeki jangan ditolak.

Sekian ramblings entah pape untuk hari ini.


  1. 1. Nak mkn cellar tu, kena lari marathon dulu. :-D

    2. Kerani sekolah tu ingat you are very young tu!!!!! I like :-)

    3. You are an athlete. Sukan at Sabah... Remember? :-)

    4. Autograp atlet tepen ni, bila la I nk dapat yer. I sanggup tunggu sampai tengahari macam fangirl sbb tunggu you naik podium last year at TIM tawwwwww

    1. 1. Kena tunggu 2 tahun le ni baru bleh mkn ceklat?

      2. If that's the real truth, the I loike also ;)

      3. Ala..that was a year ago..lama dah

      4. Ayuhaiii ..sori laaa..Takpe kalau ada rejeki mana2 race in the future I can ask you for your otograp. Lagi laku kat Ebay gitu.

  2. Hi Julin, this coming to you from Canada. Congratulations on the new arrival. 3 kids? Must be heavy traffic at home, ha ha, mornings especially.
    Love your mom...ha ha..."1 Euro per pack..."!
    You have fun, Julin, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards, selamat berpuasa.

  3. Hi Lee,
    Gosh, I can't beleive I have a reader from a country close to my heart ( we used to live in North York, Toronto)

    Yep, 3 is a handful but honestly now I cant imagine my life without them before :)

    Thanks for dropping by and you go ahead and have a nice day :)

  4. JJ, congrats on the new baby.... and just love the new 'wide' treadmill, jelessss ;))

    1. Thanks Kak Tiffa.
      I love my new treadmill too. If only my baby loves seeing me run on it as well..hurm

  5. salam doc julin :D
    selalu menjadi pembaca senyap now tak senyap dah hehehe...
    actually nak tanya if you can share your running routine masa pregnant baby #3 haritu.
    senang untuk buat persediaan. he he he

  6. Salam Nanoor,
    Alamak nak tips? Rasanya ada sket2 dalam past entry tapi takpa, Nanoor punya pasal ai buatkan post khas untuk kekononnya tips running while pregnant.
    And a bit of my struggles now post baby.

    Sudah preggy ke? If yes, congrats! It's a beautiful journey no matter berapa kali dah pregnant:)

    1. menjawab soalan doc,
      heee belum preggie lagi. but TTC now :)
      doakan cepat preggie ye.
      rindu bau baby :D