Monday, December 26, 2011

Nasihat Nenek

Hi kids.
With 2011 closing in, I noticed that my postings for this year have deteriorated to half the amount of the postings I wrote in 2010.
In which I concluded, banyaknya cerita aku taim 2010!
Apa ntah yang aku bebelkan?

Looking back, I'm glad I managed to complete my full marathons in 2010. Little did I know back then that I wouldn't have the time and commitment to fully train like that for years to come.
No, I'm not exaggerating. When you're a working mom with two kids going to school and a spouse working almost 300KM away from home, sometimes training takes a back seat.

Funny thing is, I was able to participate in more races this year than I did last year. Okay, one more is still more. Despite the mileage being shorter la.
But I like this. Being in the middle. I'm neither a middle distance nor a long distance runner. I'm the in-between. I guess for now, as in this moment, I'll settle with that.

Come 2012, with a whole load of other life plans, I want to improve my 10Ks and 5Ks. If I can somehow juggle the training for a half marathon, maybe I'll throw in an aim for a new PB in the mix.
And maybe, just maybe I'll take up that offer in trying out for KKM's track and field team just for kicks. This year, Sukan KKM buat kat Sabah, ba.

And next year, we plan to focus on races up north. There will be races in KL/Selangor here and there but mostly we'll be up north. So kalau hangpa mai kat sinin utagha, and you see an unassuming lady wearing normal PJ pants with a male barefooted partner, say hi whydoncha. Kami kampun-kampun saje.

For 2012, let's just run. Be it short, middle or long distances, just keep running. For fitness, for socializing, for racing, for getting that 15 minutes of fame, whatever. You can choose to write about it, FB about it, Dailymile  it, or not, whatever. You can run alone, with a partner, in a group, with your family, whatever. Just run. Don't stop. Be better.

And be nice.

But those are just plans. Things will get in the way of plans. Good things, unsuspecting things, apa-apa je la. I know somehow I will be okay with that.
It is, after all, just a piece of my time.

Great year everybody! Let's hope for more.
See you guys anywhere.
I'll see you when I see you.


  1. All the best in 2012, lebih pendek jarak larian = lebih tinggi peluang naik ke podium kan? Hehehehe

  2. U r so right, do what we can .. See u when I see ou too !!

  3. Lina: you too! and many more races to come for you and Raimie
    Deo: saya tadek la seterer tu incik. Nanti mak saya bising bawak balik kampung hamper banyak sangat.
    KJ: Do what we can when we can kan? when can I see you again? eh cam pantun lak

  4. I like this post, menyebabkan rasa semakin muda baca nasihat mak nenek nie hikhikhik
    Happy running!

  5. Zacky: hah? Apa? Muda? Aaa..oklah. Kasik can.

  6. Nenek podium ni memang 'A'.
    Next year AGM PCPJ Zon Utagha korang make sure elaun track bottom kasi up sikit :]

  7. Diket: hoih, president elect PCPJ cakap track bottom mmg dah murah dah , hangpa nak tambah elaun pasepa..hohoho

  8. Hamper2 lebih takmo bawak balik kampung tu, boleh diedarkan kepada kami2 yg sedia menerima dgn tangan terbuka. ;p

  9. lina: haha okeh okeh..kalau dapat lagi la

  10. jiwa muda maaa, happy new JJ & family!

  11. Kakpah: Mesti! Ai ngan yu bukan awet muda tapi awek muda. Huahua mode perasan jap.
    Happy new pun happy new la ,Kak Pah oi. Hehe.