Thursday, December 8, 2011

HS Balls

I accidentally caught an episode of  Scrubs last night. The one where Cox experienced his first day as Chief of Medicine and I thought to myself , hey I totally get that!
Not that I'm Chief of Medicine or anything but the scene where Cox sighs as he sees staff coming in and out of his room for all kinds of requests, favors, and complaints while tons of paperwork are piling up on his desks and in the mean time, his personal assistant/admin officer (?) shoves papers to his face for him to sign, I can totally relate.
Except I don't have a personal assistant slash admin officer.

If you ask me 2 years ago, I would have never fathom being in this position. Back then,I was in my 5th year working in a small rural clinic with 10 staff and average patient load of 10-15 patients a day.
But then I got bored.
And so I applied to  be transfered to a bigger clinic. Konon nak challenge la konon.

Mana la nak tau at the time the current head of clinic's application to further her studies got approved and guess who was next on the hierarchy?
I almost choked.

Cox put on a bored face on his first day as chief. My face had pure horror painted red.
How was I going to handle a main clinic, with almost 70 staff with average patient load of 60 on a good day and  120 people on a bad hectic day? And with 20 schools lined up for incremental treatment with almost 10,000 schoolchildren and preschoolers to attend to?
I had schedules to plan.
Schedules to follow.
People to dictate.
Answer to complaints.
Smile to praises
Student nurses and dental assistants as well as first year dentists to train and grade.
Kiss up district and state bosses.
Kiss up medical counter-parts.
Kiss up specialists
KPIs to achieve.
Leaves to approve.
Leaves to disapprove.
Programs to plan
Programs to attend.
Meetings to plan.
Meetings to attend.
Paperwork to complete
Paperwork to sign
Schedules to approve.
Filings to do.
Audits to plan
Undergo freaking stupid audits
Patients to treat.
Answer  no to ridiculousness such as patients who think they will get special treatment and their maids ( maids!) will be wavered from the waiting list just because I had a nice conversation with them ONCE.
Staff to counsel
Staff to motivate
Inventories and assets to indent
Accounts to verify.
Do my work.
Do people's work.
and 70 freaking SKTs to grade.
or as Michael Buble would say,
holy shit balls.

Did I leave out anything?
Oh yeah, lots.

But after a year and a half, I'm getting the hang of it.
I'm not going bald.
 Most of my staff are tolerable and I go home with a headache only once a month. I still despise audits to the death and meetings bore the hell out of me but my staff and colleagues make me laugh.
Best  of all, they're supportive of my running.
Even managed to motivate 2-3 to take up running
Hey, 3 outta 70 ain't that bad. Heh.

Sorry to rant about work.
I got nothing this week.
If I'm able to race this weekend, you can expect to see something about running next week.
Till then, keep your fingers crossed.

And I'm off for some me time tomorrow.
Me and retail therapy.
Oh and some food. Om nom nom nom.

p/s Hey, someone from Scranton, PA visited this site.
    Is that you Jim Halpert?


  1. Stress keeps you slim. That's all I can say. xD

  2. Haha, sounds like my first day when I took over the then chaotic HR dept, but we girls are made strong! You are doing well and when I left, mt dept was the best in the management .. just be you and just hv to be firm when it's a no ..puss in boots eyes pun jgn me mengalah, lol!!

  3. After scrolling down the list, 'patients to treat' tu dia dok tangga 23! Next week hang pi office paint muka kaler biru macam William Wallace of Braveheart...Freedom!!!

  4. Lina: I hope I don't sound too stressed out :D
    KJ: can you believe it, some of them really DO give me the Puss In Boots eyes!
    Diket: Haha, I've got other dentists and nurses under me to take care of the majority of the patients. I mostly do dentures, surgeries and cover 90% of the crown and bridge work. Tu yang dok no 23 tu

  5. Takpe Cik Salmah, joms kita carik family run, kita join. Kasi hilang stress hikhik...

  6. zacky: marilah mari..weekend ni kita kasi enjoy!