Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Song Sung Blue

I have yet to write about my other interest.
Yup, I like something other than running. Thing is, I can't commit to it fully (partially?) like I do with running.
Last month or two or probably three months ago, I purchased a Paul Smith guitar.
After my younger sister tricked me into giving her one of my guitars, I thought it was better for me to upgrade. And since WW was also thinking of buying a new amp, he contacted his musical acquaintance, Melvin.
I go, " I'm supposed to buy a guitar from somebody called Melvin?"
Because to me Melvin sounds more like a guy who would understand what E=mc2 is and actually cares about it.

But Melvin proved to be quite the opposite. Melvin the music guy/salesperson/musician extraordinaire pushed a Paul Smith guitar in my face, strummed a few notes and I was instantaneously in love. With the guitar la.

Thing is, now Paul Smith is on its stand with me staring at it and it staring at me. Sure, I'd learn some new songs on UltimateGuitar 1 or two days but after that , Paul Smith will be back on its stand, capo still on the 2nd fret and gradually going out of tune.

Bilakah saya akan commit fully?
The callous on my fingers have gone soft.
This is not supposed to happen

Sekian, drama untuk malam ini.


  1. Boleh lah doc play for us bila Ada gathering nanti :)

  2. Songsang? Simpaangg!! ;]

    Oh ada bakat terpendam ye? I loike!
    Did try a few times when I was younger but unfortunately I'm useless with guitar...

  3. I play guitar also! Dulu la zaman kolej. La ni main Guitar Hero je kat PS2 with my kids :D
    Ye la, skrg finger tips pun selembut sutera...ouch!

  4. oooo main giatr ke? I like I like

    Bila dpt dengar/see your show neh? ;)

  5. KJ: Ern, you wouldn't want to hear the guitar go toing toing, trust me.
    Zacky: Bukan bakat pun, haha. Tapi memang terpendam.
    Diket: Out Guitar Hero dah lama simpan berabuk sebab budak2 ni ha dok kacau bila nak main..haha. Finger tip lembut sutera? boleh caya ke tukang iron ngan pembasuh baju ni?
    Lina: Hah! Show? Tengokla when I get better, which God knows when. Huhu