Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mysterious Watcher

Short post
No time.
On call.

Quick question.
Would somebody please tell me who runs Penonton.blogspot.?

I know Bro Haris runs Run. Mix. Burn and I think I have a vague idea who's running Chap Ayam website but who the heck is in charge of Penonton?
Puas aku cari kat blog dia, talak jumpa ma.

Takde la, bukan nak saman ke apa.
Just want to say that you're doing a very good job.
What will we runners   ( or cyclists or triathletes) do without Penonton.
Gigih cari pelbagai race untuk di upload almost everyday.

Syabas, sir/madam.
You, my friend, are truly appreciated.

JJ & WW (ok, he offers his handshake)


  1. did u mean http://2009tonton.blogspot.com/ ?? tatau gak hehe

  2. one chinese guy if i'm not mistaken. browse previous posts, got his race reports etc also got his pictures. yes, very informative blog.

    chap ayam got a few AJKs running the blog.

  3. betul betul betul.

    I pun sekarang pegi situ je utk all running apdet. Tp tak pernah terpikir nak berterima kasih. huhuhu

    Patutkah kita e-mail dan tanya?

  4. Hi there, the blog is belong to Boey Wooi San's wife

  5. Sorry, not Boey it shud be "Moey".

  6. fatahah:heh heh apoda, buang karan..hehe
    Diket: I should extend my gratitude to the Chap Ayam blog and run .mix.burn as well. They've also been great help to us runners
    Lina: We got our answer!
    Keo: For a minute there, I thought Yin Yin Boey's mom runs the site because of the surname.Thanks for the info.
    And rejoice! A woman runs the blog! Girl power! huh, we should have known only a woman would be this diligent.

  7. oooo I sunguh2 like the last sentence in your comment tu. :)

  8. Geng.. sori i jarang comments on friend's blog. Ni pon terjumpa. Heheeeee.. On Julin's comment - Thanks, Kembang lar sikit lubang idung nih... :P

    ..cuma seronok sharing. Itu ajer.