Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post-Call-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

I think I've just encouraged some of my colleagues to sign themselves up for their first 5 K race.

Now if I can only pry my butt off this seat to run a decent 5 miler...err 5 K.

See, being in the fasting month doesn't mean you have to stop your postings, people.

Even if it is a useless entry.

Isn't this grotesque? It's so creepy to look at. 

Killed off your appetite for that iftar watermelon, didn't it?


  1. Ni stress post-call or watching the watermelon or nak lari 5 miler...5k? :]

  2. all of the above..kan saya suka multitasking.

  3. Fuhh memang betullah malas nak berblog sekarang nih. Sesekali jer jengah, tu pon sebab nak buang sawang hihi. Lari pon sama, 5k pon malas bangat. Lepas trawih layan kopi O je...

  4. zacky: jgn la begitu, sian kat peminat-peminat incik tau. Asik bertenggek je depan komputer tunggu postings dari ultrazacky.

  5. let's start with the eyes, shall we? hehehe
    bagus la cadangan ni utk buat hidangan masa raya nanti :D

  6. hoih, hang cadang buat open house ke haunted house?