Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cha Cha Cha..

This is how technology savvy I am.

While running recently, my Garmin bleeped loudly and I glanced at  the screen. The words scrolled,
" Low foot pod battery"

I looked at my husband,
" Darn, these things run on batteries?"
He rolled his eyes at me up to the point  where I thought I heard  eye ligaments snapping from their sockets.
" Course they do."

Huh, and all this while I thought they ran on the power of kinetics.

On another note, I'm posting the running route for Taiping Heritage Run's Half Marathon.
You know, just in case you're not one of Kevin Ooi's 4 million friends on FB ( kidding, boss..hehe)

Seems like we'll be running through Taiping and Kamunting right up to Bukit Jana. But don't be intimidated by the word bukit, cause it's mostly flat there. I'm guessing traffic control will be good. You don't have to worry about motorists in Taiping. They're mostly passive-aggressive or should I say aggressive-passive. They can cut into lanes and lines like nobody's business but nobody ever really cares. If you go through  Taiping town, you'll see everyone cutting lines  but nobody ever bothers to honk,really. Just as long as you give your signal or a hand wave, they'll politely let you go ahead. Kalau kita lambat jalan lepas lampu hijau  pun, usually they'll just politely wait for you to go. Kalau ada kasi itu horn pun, most probably orang luaq la tu.

I plan to enjoy this race. No plans for any PB.  I want to just enjoy the scenery and the crowd and just let go of any personal goals. Habis dalam 3 jam pun 3 jam la. I'm just using this race to run off the calories I'll take in during raya.
Training pun cam  caca marba. Tak kuase la pulak nak treneng sungguh -sungguh bulan pose. Haha. I was singing a different tune pre-puasa kan? Cam aku kata la, plan baik punya..tapi execution? Hancuss..hehe.

Lagipun this raya is the time I want to pulun eating raya cookies. I'm a real kuih raya hantu.And it's the only time of the year where you get to pulun 20 cookies in one day and no one looks at you like you're a glutton.


  1. Alang-alang nak enjoy crowd & scenery, 3 jam mana cukup. Takmo singgah makan-makan sekali? Hehe. Good luck! If only Taiping is closer to KL, nak jugak den cuber masuk :]

  2. Taiping close what. 4 jam je. No hal. Bawak family skali. Sini pun ada laksa sedap

  3. 4 jam tu kalau naik keta. kalau lari 4 jam, kira dekat gak tu. hehehe.

    btw, 20 cookies in one day? I can do 20 cookies in one sitting... or one go. Hahahaha

  4. Ye la, 20 cookies in one sitting is normal apa? Kena pulak depan tv :]

  5. Zarin: Boleh la try lari 4 jam. Saya sokong seratus persen. Apa jadi lepas tu saya tak jamin aa
    Diket: Hangpa laki normal la, kadar hilang kalori cepat. Kami pompuan makan 20 cookies at one go esoknya ada extra muffin top

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  7. btw, Selamat Hari Raya kat Julin & famili, serta pembaca2 blog ni ye
    mintak maaf ye kalau ada sebelum ni komen2 ada sakitkan hati sapa2.

  8. huiyo sepam ni nama mandi. mandy moore bes jugak
    zarin: Selamat hari Raya juge ! takdela, komen2 semua sangat menggalakan kecuali si mandi diatas yang diwaswas ketulenannya