Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bike -Yay, Rempit- Nay

While I’m writing this, I’m trying not to doze off. I was called on an emergency case at 3.00-5.00 am this morning and as I was making my long drive back, terserempak la ngan budak rempit 5-6 ekor ni.

As far as I could see, I was a lone driver on the road. Just me and those rempit boys. 

Dengan tetibe nya, one of them jumps on the seat of his bike and does a one legged stand stunt. Pastu diselang seli dengan aksi superman.

And I cursed. Mendentah. Nak tunjuk kat sapa aksi tu? No spectators, no crowd. If you ask me, I’m more impressed watching aksi kucing berdiri di FB ( yup, still not over that)

I stiff the urge to run them over. Kang susah-susah plak nak basuh keta. Pastu , if anything happens to their faces, I’ll still be the one oncall. 

Why do they do this? Why risk getting a faceplant on the hard tarmac for nothing? What’s the thrill? I don’t get it. And I think, takbleh ke dari mensia-siakan bakat, they try their luck being professional stuntmen. Dapat gak duit. At least, if anything happens, ada jugak duit nak buat treatment. Kalau mati pun, ade gak insurans nak tinggal kat makbapak.

Ntahla, Labu. This needs more critical thinking.
Right now, I’m trying to stifle a yawn .

p/s Sorry, nothing interesting about running except I’ve done that 8 mile run on the treadmill and yesterday, I found out nothing beats going on a stationary bike for 30 minutes while watching tv and reading a paper simultaneously.  I love multitasking.

But the but hurts.


  1. dia orang tu saja tempah maut. glad they didnt bother u though !

  2. diorang punya personal preference la tu, naik motor satu tayar

  3. Bukan ke gomen ada program untuk depa dulu? Senyap je sekarang. Butt hurts mula-mula je, lepaih ni sure OK punya. Try 45 minutes pulak :]

  4. kakjune: berani diorang? I'll seriously run them over and say it was an act of defence.
    Ijam: Tu la, pelbagai wheelie keluar. Willy Wonka pun ada, Willy Nelson pun ada.
    Diket: Besalaaaa Gomennn. Muleh muleh, hari ni jugak try 45 minutes.

  5. setan lain plak yang keluar bulan posa ni, stended le tu. yayyy! bila nak kayuh non-stationary bike plak? hehehe

  6. jaja: haha agaknyalah. non stationary bike dah lama da. Tapi elok dok berantai kat grill rumah. Masa free untuk beriadah di luar , mana yang sempat direserve utk lari je.:(. Whattudu?