Monday, July 4, 2011

Participants WILL GET to the finishing line. Mengertik?

I love this.
 I went through Ipoh International Run's website a few days before the race and found out that they still didn't change their quirky directy-translated sentences in the Race Information section. Yim pointed this out last year. I guess they don't read blogs, Yim.

You can read it in  full here.

I love these the most :
4.List and provide a 'running tag' estimate (?)
8. Participants will be tied up with wrist bands to confirm their participation in the competition.
9. Participant's emission's released by category .(prutttt)
10. While at the checkpoint, participants will be hanged by ribbons to confirm he has been through the right path (uish)
11. Participants will get to the finish line.(ada paham?!)
14. A formal report will be the winner. (yay!)

Hehe. Priceless.
See, tak payah bersusah payah pun. Siang-siang lagi dah bagitau korang akan diseksa dan korang takkan menang punya.

Anyway, after a week's course of antibiotics, 1 day MC and a whole week's rest, I decided to let  this run be my recovery run. Just a 10 K.  No pressure. No real aim of PB. No pacer ( WW had to do some field work). Just run as best as I could.
Same as last year, pagi-pagi lagi sampai dah dengar suara makcik ni shouting at people to get in their categories la, to stay at the field la, to get registered la. As annoying as it is, I had a good laugh.

Michelle Yeoh is supposedly the ambassador for Ipoh International Run. Cheyy , macam glamer je. But last I heard, she was deported from Mynmar so macam mustahil je tetiba ada kat Ipoh. Turns out, depa ni canang je dia ni duta bagai, tak janji pun dia nak ada kat situ. I guess, she's a bit nervous about being tied with ribbons in case she got on the wrong path. Hurm.

So some politician gunned us off. I didn't catch which because I wasn't paying attention.
So lari je la kan?
First half of the race, I was a bit careful with my pace, takut terkucil macam minggu lepas. But then it felt good. No cramps, no shortness of breath, no coughing. NO COUGHING!

And the best thing about running in Ipoh is it's familiarity. I know what's coming after each bend so I know when to floor it. Konon.
But as it is with other races, still ada brader-brader, pakcik-pakcik, abang-abang dan datuk-datuk yang tak bleh kalah, tak bleh blah langsung dengan pompuan. Adoyai, come on guys, it's not as if your privates will fall of if a girl overtakes you.  Just let it be. We're all not going to win anyway. A formal report will.

Ok, so I didn't really monitor my pace a so I was quite surprised to see I finished at 56:36. My placing card showed that I was the 33rd female to cross the line.
Nampaknya saya masih belum tahap internasional dan hanya tahap Kg Kubu Gajah, Semanggol. Huhu.

Post race, I got to catch up with Yim, Deo and a few Cap Ayam runners. Sempat la enter prem cam-whoring ngan banner Cap Ayam walaupun saya bukan ahli ( lagi). Ntah kamera sape-sapentah. Tayang je muka.

Then, because I was too lazy to queue up for free drinks, I bought a mocha with whipped cream and totally blew off the 630 calories I burned.
Should I end that with Oh, crap or oh, well?


  1. you shall not be entitled to watch and count calories - very der kurus oredi...

    56 mins? well done!

  2. dgn ini saya umumkan race report puan menang! hehehe.

    recovery run pun 56min. horeyyy!!!

  3. lol i havent remembered my 'hanged and tied' posting about IIR last year. This year, they just couldnt be bothered correcting them. Like you've said, perhaps that's the beauty of this IIR, year on year.

    Great bumping into you and having a good chat about everything under the sun. Oh, and you're back to normal and well done with your sub 1! Tied and hanged but still able to run!!!

  4. End it with i deserve the whipped cream mocha :)

  5. Syah: 10 years past my blobby years and I still do that. Old habits die hard, what to do :)
    zarin: Yay! Saya menang. Th depan lantik Zarin la jadik duta. Michelle Yeoh takbleh pakai punya.
    Yim: So glad to see you again too. And you're once again a celebrity! Even the shouting municipal makcik was talking about you ( I overheard)checheche..
    KakJun: Yes, matem! Next time we'll make it double cream with caramel swirls.

  6. recovery 56 mins..adoyai takut nak datang iPoh macam ni :p

  7. Are u sure u took antibiotics and not steroid? Recovery run pun timing gitu. Tabik! Next year pacer untuk saya boleh? :]

  8. Ray:Datang la. Best pe balik kampung. Ni run Tepeng Heritage ni mengalu-alukan anda balik kg.
    Diket: Sesungguhnya saya tidak layak menjadi pacer Inche Diket. Belum gun off lagi dah makan asap. Menerukkan asma saya je

  9. lol.. totally enjoy the first part. kate internasional. that was hillarious. and they keep doin in year after year.. dah la.. someone please tell them bout it :P

    congrats btw.

  10. che: kesian jugak kan? maybe I'll email them someday. Keyword: maybe and someday.

  11. wargh kah kah..gelak..gelak..
    tahniah doc, 56 minit tu kira dasyat woo..

  12. ijam: hang gelak tensen ek ijam? 56 bagi Ijam tu no hal. Lari pakai suit besi bergrill pun masih lagi sub 50. cayalah Ijam

  13. Despite the not so encouraging given Race Info section..hehe..u made it sounds like an interesting race la Doc. Nak cuba la kot thn depan..

  14. Azza: it is interesting! to enjoy IIR, don't expect too much of the race and you'll have a wonderful time.