Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here It Goes Again

The thing is ( macam Shuk plak), WW's work schedule has once again changed. And due to this I can't do my weekday outdoor running as much as I'd like to anymore. No one to look after the kids la.

If this were to happen last year, I'd most probably freak out, or be a pain in the ass about it. But through time, I've accepted this as just another turn of the page and move on with it.

When I started racing two years ago, my short runs would be mostly on the treadmill. I could easily do an 8 miler on the treadmill without complaining  much. Then when we moved to Taiping, I ran out more, enjoying the routes in our Taman. My treadmill soon collected dust and cobwebs and was just merely an ornament standing sadly in the corner.

Earlier this year, when I decided to go for shorter distances, I began to go back pounding on the darn machine. It squeaked here and there but it was still working good.  And I began to think, this neglected dear little big machine is not so bad after all.

So here I am, back on the mill. Yes, sometimes it gets so boring pounding on and on looking at nothing but the digital screen and the blank wall ahead,that  you feel like bashing your head repeatedly at the side bar to the rhythm of your steps, but I guess you gotta make do with what you have for the moment.

And I tell myself it ain't so bad, this is only temporary. This is only on weekdays. Come weekends, I'll be back on the road for my LSD. I tell myself, this is cool. I can run wearing anything. I can run at all times. I can run in any weather. And the fact that WW is promising me an LCD screen on the treadmill  (kannn?) mengujakan saya lagi.

So the plan is, punch out at exactly 5pm (keje banyak boleh carry forward esok). Pick up the kids, let them enjoy some tv while I run. Then baru let them out outside to play at 6-ish. Malam baru dinner and homework and belajar and apapun lagi.

Untuk membuktikan keberkesanan dan kebolehpercayaan plan ini, I've signed myself for Taiping Heritage Half Marathon and Taiping International Marathon ( Half je la), which requires me to train solely on the treadmill during Ramadhan. I plan to somehow go for a 10 miler as my furtherest run on the dreadtreadmill

Plan sikit punya bagus.. Execution ? Heh heh.

Know what? Pushing all theories aside, I am here to prove that I CAN improve my timing while training on a treadmill.
 Tengokla nanti..hins hins ( dengan muka bertekad).


  1. i can run not wearing anything tak termasuk? hihi .. u will be ok lah .. teringin betul nak balik tepeng time the runs .. see how it goes, dari jb nak balik tepeng dah rasa jauh sangat !

  2. owh by the way, I LOVE the video clip .. uber coolness!!

  3. Kalau dah memang podium finisher, lari kat treadmill ka, dalam bath tub ka, lari setempat ka...takde hal punya. Happy training!

    p/s. Depa dlm vidz tu orang sama yang lambung2 puppies tu ke? Depa ni gymnastic punya orang ke? Choreograph pun terbaek. Suruh depa train AF nak?

  4. saya yakin yang kak peah akan berjaya melakukannya!

  5. kjune: tak termasuk la..berangin sangat hihi. Balik je kampung musim raya2 ni KJ. Kasi meriah Tepeng ni ha.
    Diket: Jgnla begitu, kalau saya podium finisher tahap Ahmed Lamchanak, baru la lari bawak bathtub pun no hal.
    Ya la, org yang sama. Lagu depa ni takde la sebest mana pun tapi vidz depa..pergh.
    Jaja: Marilah kita sama-sama melakukannya,kak pah!

  6. yes to treadmill running!


  7. rasa rasa kalau treadmill tu punya conveyor belt panjang ke belakang, mesti buleh buat tandem running kan... anakanak sekali sebaris lari, satu keluarga sihat gitu :D

    Selamat berlari!

  8. kakHaza: yes! And Hi! Nice to see you back here again. We miss you.
    Syah:Boleh jugak dicuba. Hospital 5 minit je dari rumah.