Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Being sick sucks.
I hate this, not being able to do my normal routine, not being able to go out to jamuan makan-makan at my neighbour's (rugiiii...)and I hate especially being hungry and not being able to eat ( or drink) anything.
Yes people, I caught the stomach flu.
Today I couldn't get anything in without barfing it all back out. Ingatkan nak amik cuti je , but then I thought of my appointments. I know how I hate last minute changes and I wouldn't do that to my patients so ku gagahi jua. I felt nauseas the whole time, not because I was staring constantly into people's mouth. Funnily enough I can stand that ( you just get used to it) and I thought nasib baik I'm not a proctologist.
Anyway, everytime I thought about food- and that's constantly, I get bouts of stomach cramps that's able to buckle an elephant over. And let's not mention the queasiness.
So last-last, after barfing out my sad lunch ( 2 bottles of vitagen - petua bijak bistari sapentah), I decided to go to the doctor one floor below my office. He looked at me and asked whether I'd mind a saline drip. Yes I would , I said almost too quickly. You see, the irony of it is, although I give injections to my patients on almost a daily basis, I hate HATE being poked at. And to think that I'd probably have to stay there for another hour or so to finish the drip and risk being freezed to death ( the clinic I work in is so cold sometimes I anticipate snow), I gave the idea a pass. The doctor wasn't convinced. " Stick out your tongue" he commanded. I did and he told me it was moist enough ( which strangely sounds almost dirty).
He prescribed me some medications, and advised on some bed rest. Then it was all up to me to ask Big Boss untuk leave early.
" Hang sakit apa?" he said.
" Food poisoning la boss"
" Tu la, malas masak lagi. Sapa suruh hang makan luaq? Padan muka..Hahahah" ( dia gelakkan aku kaw-kaw punya..ciss)
Gelak punya gelak last2 dia bagi jugak balik awal. Not before I got some annoying comments from some other person.
" La..sakit camni memang tambah kuruihla. Dahla tak makan, asik lari je."
Alah, dengki. Sedap-sedap je kata orang tak makan. Apsal, ko pasang kamera ke kat rumah aku?

It's now nearing 10pm and I haven't eaten. I can't stand the aroma of fried egg in the house ( my kids' dinner courtesy of hub before he went to jamuan makan-makan taman). I almost hurl, but there's nothing to hurl.
I don't feel like eating but I'm hungry.
Lepas ni nak try test makan ais krim tengok. Ada jugak alasan makan ais krim malam-malam.
Gamaknya esok tak lari lagi.

Bai bai.
Oh, ye. Gong Xi Fa Chai.
Eh, it rhymes!


  1. laa kesian dia .. hope u r feeling better Julin. take care .. this is a funny post, somehow .. tongue is moist lol

  2. Kesiannya. Doctor pun bole sakit gak. Hehe
    My sore throat is nothing compared to your stomach virus. Sib baik tak barffed masuk mulut patient. Huhuhu

    Get well soon Doc

  3. KakJune: Thanks . Still feel little bouts of cramps tapi selera is back on. Yay!
    Zarin: There was this time I almost did that. Sep baik ada mask. But that's another story..hehe

  4. hope u get better soon, kesian kasut merah tak dapat lari....

  5. ray: haha..kasut merah dah dapat redeem dah hari ni alhamdulillah.

  6. ni muntah mcm cerita exorcist tu ke?...blueeekkk..

  7. hehehe... like i know the boss! husni misses him a lot! hahaha...

  8. ijam: boleh jugak, sama kaler jugak
    kcumie: haha tau takpa..cakap husni nanti saya kirim salam..kuangkuang

  9. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious sore throat.