Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'll see you when you get there

Okay, I may have blurted out unintentionally to a few friends the real REAL reason why I plan to mellow it down this year. It's no secret really. Because I  remember posting about it in one of my 2010 post- in which I forgot which one and when. No matter - sape rajin dan tadek keje pi la belek tengok.

Anyway, due to that, me and hub have been really slacking off in our runs. I personally wanted to maintain running 4-5 times weekly with a mileage of 24-32k a week. Ni bukan training mode ye kawan-kawan. Ni maintenance mode. Tapi apakan daya, kita hanya merancang, banyak alasan mendatang. Busy  la, banyak keja la, hujan la, panas la, kursus la, meeting la, tadek sape jaga anak la..yada yada yada.

Tup-tup 5 times weekly deteriorated to 4 and last week,hohoho, I only came out with 3 runs.

And the weight is creeping in.
And to somebody who has been fat before, an increase of the scale would mean a silent blood curling scream inside.
Huh..tak boleh jadi ni.

So last Saturday, as we were belek-ing the latest issue of RW, we both got our pencerahan agung moment when we saw the words scream , "  SIGN UP, ALREADY!" in one of the articles.
So I decided ( selaku the manager) we should sign up if we wanted to keep motivated. What the heck kan? As long as it's just short races.

So I went to ENR's website. Excited nih. Saw that the 11K category was just RM5 cheaper than the HM. Grimaced. Takpela. Kalau nak murah masuk la Jogathon Sekolah Parit Haji Ali ye dak?
As I was about to click it, hub pointed out, " Opps, it's full already."
Turned out we were too late..kuang kuang kuang. Kemain korang ek. Laju benor korang register untuk race ni, ye.

So we turned to option B. Penang Malakoff run. This will be our third year participating. This year, they've decided to have it earlier than the previous years. Usually the race would be in June or July but I guess they wanted to get this over with before the big PRU. Heheh..dengarlah JJ meng'speku'.
Anyway, it's a bummer I won't be able to meet up with you guys in ENR (again) but I guess you'll see me when you'll see me.
This was 2 years ago. First road race. Hooked since 

Satu lagi before I sign off,ye. When I was small I loved watching Sesame Street. Okay I still catch it on Youtube every now and then. And I remember watching this one short cartoon segment about  a day in the life of an Indian girl. At the end of the clip, she was tucked into bed by her mom and was given coconut milk to drink before sleep ( as opposed to regular milk by the anak mat sallehs). And at that time, as a child I thought, " Tipuuuuuuuu!" Mana ada orang minum coconut milk cam tu je! It sounds exotic tapi mana adaaaaaa.....
Well, I thought I've seen it all until I saw this ad :

 bukak kelapa ada Jillian..pergh
Kita punyala nak substitute santan with milk and they're doing the opposite.
Go figure.


  1. I will so gladly take Jillian minus the coconut lah. Must buy!

  2. julin, i have spare half marathon energizer, nak?

  3. Pencerahan agung! I like that. Me slacking from running as well, same reason I guess. Too bad can't watch you guys play tag like in ENR 2010 :)

    Anyway good luck with Malakoff!

  4. Aisey, tak lari ENR? Baru plan nak korek otak korang nak find out how to lari berdesup?
    Even if I have to drink the coconut milk, I'll do it if at the end the Jillian tu kluar... huhu

  5. i loike pose tutup muka dgn cert...boley tiru ni :)

  6. wow, maintenance run weekly mileage up to 32K! Tabek Doc. My maintenance run mileage = 15km weekly (and that is max) hahaha

  7. satu sudu sudah cukup :P kurang lebih baik :P

  8. Yim: if you mean buy the product, baik minum cendol je..hehe
    KakJune: I've msg u in FB. No can do la kak.
    Diket: You slack off running tapi you cycle for like a gazillion kilometers. I cycle 1000 meters to the kedai runcit.
    zaki: Korang semua lebih interested ngan Jillian dari coconot milk..ha ha hampeh.

  9. Ray: tiru kena singgit.
    Ziff: keyword is PLAN. Plan to run max of 32 tapi plan tak menjadik..kuikui.It looks good on paper tapi ha ha hampeh juge
    ijam: apa hang ngarut ni Ijam oi
    che: saya misti piley