Sunday, February 20, 2011

Haywire Week

Inside my mind, I'm chanting , " Only 12 hours to go, only 12 hours to go, Only 12 hours to go."

Truth to the matter is, I hate oncalls. I hate anticipating the telephone to ring 24/7 (literally). I hate pulling back the ER curtain and seeing   the surprise they have waiting for me. I pity the way new FYDOs ( that's equivalent to houseman Drs) gasp after seeing for the first time the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident as if realizing for the first time that this is also in their their job scope as a dentist working in a public clinic/hospital.
Most of all, I hate the stench of blood on me after a rough call and the fact that I have to deny my children's welcome home hugs because I don't want them to remember me smelling  that way.
Tak baik la, mak aku kata. It's part of your job.
Yes, it is. But I still hate it.

And during oncall week like this la, I hit a rough patch in my  workout routine. Monday and Tuesday started out great with 11K of mileage. Lepas tu, hancusss.
And I think today, after almost 3 hours of reviewing the patients in the ward-on a weekend, screw it. Lantak la. Tomorrow's a new week.

On another note, I'm proud to say my husband's hard work this whole week in training Chiam to ride a bike without training wheels has been a success.  After a whole week of encouraging, short temper flare ups, cheering and clapping, I am proud to say that Chiam can now ride a bike on two wheels. It's been a tiring week for him and his father, every evening after work, they'd be off training till sunset, and I guess it all paid off. I'm even tempted to belanja them KFC because of this ( Chiam's favourite) but bila teringat workout this week cam hampeh, maybe that will be postponed to next week. He he.

Oh yes, last two weeks (cerita basi) I went on an official work related visit to Pui San's work place in Ipoh, in conjuction to some Healthy Setting thingy ( please, I won't bore you guys by getting into what that is). And  just as I was thinking what are the chances of me bumping into Pui San in a hospital as large as hers, I saw her gawking at her working log (?)/ bulletin board (?)/ duty roster (?),  at the main building.

(permission to reproduce this pic from your blog, Pui San) 
See, she's nice enough to hide the kelepet of my tudung. 

Surprisingly her hospital is one of the nicest I've visit. I didn't really see that coming what's with it being a mental hospital and all ( no offence, Pui San dearie). But really, it's like a hospital in a garden. And the wards are so well kept with a cheerful ambiance. And the staff greet you like they're really genuinely happy to see you. You know, like the people at McDonalds. Haha.
Apa aku merepek ni.

Anyway, signing off. I'm ready for a great new week ahead.
Just 12 more hours to go, 12 more hours to go, 12 more hours to go.


  1. 12 hours up :) best kan jumpa kawan bila tak expect langsung??

  2. kakjune: not yet la, till 8.amm tommorow morning..huhu

  3. Have a nice week doc! Chiam berapa tahun? My Umar is 5 and still prefer the training wheels. He said it sounded like a train. Aiyo!

  4. Oncall week is officially OVER! Yay!
    Diket: He just turned 6 two months ago. I think 5 is ok on training wheels, it's just that my son is a bit envious of the next door 5 year old girl who can ride her bike on 2 wheels since she was 4.

  5. ooo, dentist pun ada oncall2 ni ek? tak pe, janji masyuuukkkkkk ;)

  6. zarin: adaaa..masyuk-masyuk jugak tapi penat lor..tapi tak baik kan?
    so alhamdulilahhhh,...

  7. Alamak, citer dah sejuk baru aku sampai sini... ntah2 the new week berdesup berlari tak henti heheehee

  8. zakiotoromen : ( haha, cam blue je nama tu) dak aih, hari ni dah tak lari tgk anak main beskal. Bukan boleh biar sorang2,mat2 moto taman ni suka merempit.