Monday, November 15, 2010

T-6 days?

I can finally heave a sigh of relief. My on call week is over! No more antsy-ness when my phone rings. No more hanging on to my phone like my life depends on it.

Luckily, on call week has been kind. I only got 4 calls all week and none of them were really that gory. The only case that came with an exclamation mark was a 20 year old girl who woke up Saturday morning ,yawned a bit too wide, dislocated her jaws and couldn't get her mouth shut. Sure, it may sound funny, but I heard it hurts like hell. The poor girl had tears in her eyes when I reduced  the dislocation by pushing the joint back into the socket.
But then on Saturday, I had to spend almost 3 hours in the hospital discharging patients from the ward. I swear, paperwork here takes more time than seeing the actual patients.
Wait a minute, some readers might think. I thought she's a dentist.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Anyway, I'm happily tapering. Dengan jayanya tak lari for 2 days due to my chesty cough. I was hoping I could run today, even on the thrill mill, but I guess I better take care if myself these few days. I hope I get better come Sunday.
Did I forget to mention that my brother is getting engaged too? And it's on Saturday, the day before PBIM? He's 25 and he's getting engaged. Sigh. My baby brother is tying the knot ( well, almost). And although I think he's still young the take the plunge ( nevermind the fact that I got married at the age of 23), I'm still happy for him.
And thank God, his to-be-fiancé's house is only 45 minutes away and the majlis will be held just before Zuhur. Sempat-sempat je lepas tu ke Penang. Fuh! Nevertheless, I predict it'll be a super busy day. Heck, this week will be a super busy week what's with hari raya and all.

And I hate to admit it but I'm less jittery now compared to my first marathon.
But it's just Monday. Too early to tell. Don't jinx yourself.
Just shut your gob, Julin.


  1. Good luck for PBIM doc, hope to see both of u in Penang :)

  2. dah otai aper. sebab tu boleh relaks. all the best, doc!

  3. relax lah doc .. dont worry abt the yikes moments :) see u in penang, insyaallah !

  4. all the best kak julin. hope to see you! ill be staying at eastin sooooooo in case u r around lemme know. errr how to let me know kan...hahhaa will email you soon my number

  5. ha'ah la, u cakap takut PBIM dah dekat, i pun takut jugak ni...huhu....
    rasa mcm tertekan je nak lari laju2...ah, lantak le, kalau di takdirkan muntah atas jambatan tu, biar le...biar kaw2 sat punya...ha, ha..

  6. jangan pegi majlis bertunang dengan baju lari and track bottom grey ye :D

    All the best this weekend, and Selamat Hari Raya to you, Wan and family!

  7. ray: hey, hope to see you there too!
    Kakkash: Huh, otai kebendenya. Ini bukan relax, ini tak sedar diri namanya..kuikui
    KakJune: See you in Penang juge kak June!I'm relaxing too much.

  8. nana: wa..bestnya dok Eastin. But I heard the promotion is without breakfast..betul ke? See you there.
    Ijam: Muntah pun muntah la..kita all out nanti..cheyy.
    syah: Haha..good one. No grey pants this time. They're already too loose..cheyy kali kedua. Slamat hari raya to you too!

  9. Aiseh! Kalau dah tak pakai grey pants, camna nak kenal sama you ekk? Hehe

  10. zaki: alah, mesti kenal punya. org boleh nampak kasut saya dari jauhhhhh.serius.