Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crappy Run

I can simply describe this morning's LSD in one word : Ugh.
But that wouldn't be much of an entry kan?
It's not even a proper word.

Anyway, this morning I planned to run a simple no stress 14 miler. After last week's 20 miles, this one seems like a breather for a change. Or so I thought.
After a pre-run snack of a bun each, we were out the door by 4.30am and the first 8 miles seemed to go okay. Usually, I would munch on a small box of raisins at the 6th mile but after considering the brief Subuh prayer stop at the 8th mile, I chose to eat the raisins then. And because I couldn't find any other powergel flavor except chocolate the day before, I decided to forgo on taking any gel at all. What difference would it make, I thought. Besides I just ate a box of raisins. I should be alright.
Big mistake.

Right on the 11th mile, I suddenly felt my energy level plummeting down. My pace deteriorated, my legs fatigued and I got frustrated. On the 12th mile, I was practically dragging my feet. " Pick them up! Pick them up!" I half shouted in the darkness, which startled my husband a bit.
And because I couldn't run like I wanted to, I began to get snappy.

"Maybe we should cut the mileage" husband suggested.
" No!" I snapped.
"Maybe we should change to course to cut the monotony?"
" No!" I snapped
"" It's okay if we go slower"
" No!" I snapped.
Cough, cough
" No !" I snapped.
Breathe, breathe.
" No!" I snapped.

Thankfully he was patient with me. And accompanied me home until my 14th mile ( in which he turned back to complete his 16 miler). My legs felt like logs at the end of the run. I couldn't even stand straight. It wasn't because I was winded, it was more like I was tired to the core. But when I got myself some cold sarsaparilla, I felt almost 70% better. And wouldn't you know it, not even by noon, all the fatigueness was gone. Hub even joked and called me Wolverine. Kuikui..

So lesson learnt. Jangan belagak. Fuel up. I need sugar in my runs.
And oh,
Train your race, but don't race your trains.


  1. oh well, we cant have great runs all the time lah kan. You have one v. supportive partner. its good both of you can train together. Good luck on your PBIM!

  2. haahh funny pun ada doc :) one of those days but at least now u know before its too late, stock up on ur gel and get one from me between km 32-35 :)

  3. Powergel have come back with Vanilla and Green Apple! My favourite flavors. Wise decision not to push further. Esok masih ada :)

  4. kesian...balik makan 'cortal' ingat tak pil dulu2 bila demam je bapak kita bagi benda tu sblm ada panadol..ha, ha..

    I like the phrase : 'Train your race, but dont race your trains'...thanks doc...(well, you the doctor..)..huhu..

  5. U snapped?
    I've seen it before... in Singapore.. hihihi.

  6. KakKash : Tu la..that's what I thought too..I can't have it my way all the time kan? Thanks:)
    KakJune: Haha..secretly I was hoping you'd offer me one as well..kehkeh. Saya memang tak malu.
    Diket: Really? They only sell Orange, strawberry-banana ( yuck) and chocolate( bleugh) here in Taiping. Guess have to buy some of them GU gels in Ipoh. They have apple flavor too kan?
    Ijam: Uihh..ingat2. What happened to Cortal aa? And Timotei, and Klim..lenyap ditelan the 90's.
    Nik:Yes. Men,if your woman running partner snaps, be patient with her. If your running partner is male, and he happen to snap at you, then debik je.

  7. hehe.. Y wolverine?? best nyer can train w hub gitu =) train hard, rest harder =)

  8. I asked Yimster before... shouldn't we train without gel to teach our body to tap on the 'oil' reserve... or to optimize the usage of limited carb storage? It seems like almost everyone trains by strongly depending on gel... including myself...:) My wild guess is: if we 'torture' ourselves by doing LSD without gel during training run... we might be flying during actual race when we pamper our body with gel... just my naive thinking.

  9. Fong: haha..I guess it's because of the fast recovery..and also because I'm on team jacob..kuikui
    YS: I personally know someone who can do half marathon distance with only water and do 20 miles fueled only by a gardenia bun. I think it dpends individually. If I can only find a way to eat a bun efficiently during running,you know, without choking and stuff, then I could ditch the energy gel.