Monday, November 22, 2010

PBIM 2010- Blood, Tears and Joy ( macam bagus je)

Hi kids..
My legs hurt and I think I'll develop a couple of black toes but otherwise I'm super.
I had a great morning running in Penang and I love almost every moment of it.
I have to get this written down ASAP because I'll be a wee bit busy this week and the longer I put it off, I might end up not writing this at all..heh heh.

Macam biasa le ekk? Point form is fine kan?

Pre Race
  • We spent most of the time trying to get some sleep in the car. I got 1 hour. Hub got none.
  • Went to the starting line at about 15 minutes before gun off. Chatted a bit with Ijam. Couldn't locate KakJune and the gang,
  • Starting was quite slow as there is an increase of full marathon participants ( >1000) this year. Had to pujuk myself not to weave in and out to conserve energy. Cheyy. 
 Totally misjudged the bib. I thought it would be lunyai at the end of the whole 42K but it survived even the heavy downpour

 Mile 1-10
  • I always have problems with stiffness of my left leg in the beginning of runs. This went on for like 4 miles and almost felt painful but luckily it went away.
  • Saw Pui San and said hi. She was running with Mo Maniac and some other friend I don't know.
  • When we got on the bridge, I was hoping it would be windy like last year but it was freaking hot, man. And it was worser on the first incline. That stretch seem to go on forever. Got my first gel out, my first experience with the apple flavoured kind. Tasted like medicine-yuck. Telan je la.
  • At the middle of the bridge we went downhill. At first I soared down, but after a bit my legs got tired and I couldn't wait for the route to get flat again.
  • To get me through to the first end of the bridge, I paced with this crazy guy wearing a baju melayu. Didn't get to catch his face though as he was in front of me all along. But we managed to exchange some remarks. He commented my red shoes and I commented his attire. Funny guy even farted and hooted about it. But I lost him at the turn around. 

Mile 11-15
  • While running back on the bridge after the toll area, I saw a distance marker stating that it was already 20.3 K and I glanced at my watch and saw my timing was 2:03. Aik, biar betul. Laju la pulak. Just as I was about to go to perasan mode, I noticed Lillac showed that it was only just 11 something miles which is about  only 18 K.. Cis, penipu punya marker.
  • I commented to a Sabahan girl that it's unusually hot that morning and that it's supposed to be cool and windy on the bridge. Me and my big fat mouth. Right after the 13th mile, it started to rain- HARD. It pelted heavily on my face and I was like, " Ouch, ouch, ouch" but shut up when people around me looked weirdly at me. 
  • Only after a few seconds, I was drenched inside out. My whole attire felt heavy, my shoes were like blocks and I couldn't see a thing in front of me. Plus the wind was blowing hard against us runners. And the fact that at exactly that time, the FM route merged with the HM route didn't help either. 
  • I trudged ahead with poor vision, but then suddenly I saw pacer balloon floating in front of me so I followed the balloon to get through the crowd. But that wasn't long because it was a 4.5 pacer baloon. Tak larat aku nak ikut all the way.

Mile 16-20 
  • Turun je jambatan, I naively thought that the worse was over. I hastened my pace because seriously I thought the turning point would be at Tesco. Boy was I wrong.
  • I've written down some posts ago that PBIM is a flat route kan? Well, I take that back. We had to go through 3 flyovers before the turning point tau. And we had to go over the same flyovers on our way back.With fatigued legs!.
  • Saw hub as he was running the opposite direction. " Jauh lagi ke turning point?" I shouted from across the road. " Jauuuhhhh lagi". I thought he was kidding. Argh.
  • Saw Kak June from across the street and managed to croak a hi. I planned to singgah at her kedai runcit on the way back but mysteriously, on the way back, I couldn't see her or her car. Pelik kan? And she SMSed me afterwards and told me she was there all along and missed me on my turning point jugak. Aik?
 Mile 20-26.2 
  • On the turning point, I pujuk-ed myself, " Okay, only 6 miles to go ". It's so easy thinking in miles cause 6 miles seems so much less intimidating than saying " 10 K to go".
  • I ran almost all the way from here with this boy from Ipoh. He told his friends I was his motivator. I kept him as a pacer. But it was nice to have someone to talk to , to get the miles go by.
  • Sedor tak sedor, we only got 4 miles to go. I told Ipoh Boy, " Ok, 4 je lagi", kunun I was encouraging him la padehal tengah psaiko diri. At this time, I had to practically pujuk myself not to walk.
  • Wei, the last 3 miles seem to go on forever. Tambah bila bertembung the 10K runners. Some were inconsiderate enough to go into our lane and made  us stop abruptly a few times to avoid a crash. Hey, I was tired, I got crancky, so I shouted " Tepi la!" at a few boys. Heh heh.
  •  Ipoh Boy made a sudden surge at the last 1 K. Siot je. Haha. Tetiba je ada power to give a final kick.
  • Last 1 K was pure torture, I was like " Where the hell is the finishing line?!". My tudung all kelepet from the rain, my attire drenched and I didn't care to smile or pose to any photographers because I know I look like a nightmare. 
  • Finally crossed the finishing line at 4:51:52. Ni ikut Lillac la. Alhamdulillah.

  • Spotted hub at the medal tent. Told me he had severe stomach and leg cramps and had to alternate walking and running right after the 18th mile. But against all odds, he was still able to complete his marathon in 4:40. So proud of him. He'll tell his side of the story afterwards in this blog. Tengok tahap kerajinan, katanya.
  • I learned something new today. I never knew that rib muscles could get cramps. I coughed out loud to clear my chest and suddenly I felt cramps in my ribs and the pain was excruciating. 
  • We lepaked and ate the post run meal in the car as it was still raining and our feet were still wobbly.
  • Met Shahnaz. Cute gal. She's what I'll call a pocket rocket woman, so small but so fast.  
  • Mom called to inform that the kids are having a tantrum so we had to head back early so tak sempat jugak meet the rest of RBUs and FMV. Next time , Gadget, next time. 
 The parking lot sudah macam bendang daa

 The jam to the ferry terminal.

 The medal. I wish it had a nicer color.

The finisher's tee. Kuning pun kuning la.

Damage done.
If you think this looks bad, try smelling it.

So all in all, PBIM 2010 was still a great race despite the weather. I had loads of fun but if you ask me, I don't feel like doing another marathon in a long time.Or is that the muscle soreness talking?
I'd like to thank hub/coach who endlessly encouraged me to train even on days I felt too tired for any letihan and to my parents for willingly taking care of the kids on my LSD days even though they don't get our craze for long distance running.

Congrats Ijam ,Yim  and others ( sape-sape saje la) for their sub 5 or any other personal achievements and thanks Zaki for cheering me on ( 2 times!) and bringing up my spirits while I was feeling a bit crummy at the time. You had no idea kan?
You guys exude awesomeness!



  1. Wohoo Doc! Great job with the new PB. Nice meeting you and hubs at the start line. Yup the bridge was super hot and humid this year compared to last year. Benci. Then it rained cow hard. Markers pun tarak. I also kena tipu with Jelutong stretch. Ingatkan Tesco can u-turn, so much more to go on and rolling hills. The 10km participants? Felt like having a gun and doing target practice hahaha.

    Good job nonetheless. Sub 4.30 next! :D

  2. waahhh Doc lajulah, sayee pun tak leh nak ikut. Lain kali I FOLLOW doc pula...

  3. cayalah... sub-5! this time lari dengan grey pants ke? tak sebut pun :P

    aiya, baca ini post, rasa manyak rindu mau lari marathon daa...

  4. Yim: Ya la..the inconsiderate 10k schoolkids who flew in our lane were ruthless. Macam nak bagi penyepak je sorang-sorang. Kuikui. Congrats on your PB as well, sir. Sub 4:30? Haha. Penatnya letihan.
    Zulhassan: Haha. Manade. Tercari-cari gak mana Zulhassan the cap ayam triathlete tapi tak cam daaa..
    Syah: Laa, tak pakai la grey pants. Grey pants cakap dia dah retire and can only be used in letihan. Rindu, rindu jugak tapi masa tengah buat rasa cam nak baling je kasut.

  5. You guys memang laju!
    Caiyok! Tahniah!

    I only have ugly feet and sore legs to show. Ok ka kan? Hehehe

  6. wicked timing doc.. saw u at the other side of the road (the leading side) after the 26th km. u were smoking fast! congrats on ur new PB!

  7. cayalah sub 5! Love you and the hubs! Great job, you two! I wish for a sub-5 tapi belum kecapaian!

  8. TAhniah doc, berbekalkan treneng gila dan nasi kandar kuah banjir, anda berjaya melakukannya.
    Walaupun tudung kelepet di basahi hujan, cermin mata ada kabus, anda masih mampu melakukan yg terbaik...

    P/s : Meehun kat finishing tent tu tak sedap langsung!!!

  9. tsar: that's your real medal of honour. Have pride in your black toes and funny gait..hehe
    syed: Eh, I thought you had your brother's engagement? Tak tau pun you're gonna be there. Thanks!
    KakKash: Truly from the bottom of my heart, I believe you can do it too. If I can do it, I believe you can do more. Serius.

  10. Ijam: Yahh..leave it to Ijam to notice my tudung kelepet..wakakaka. Tahniah to you too with your super selotape at the back of your thighs. I tried to catch up with you, super tape, camelback and all tapi ko laju sangat la.
    p/s Agreed.Bihun keras macam getah daa.

  11. Congratulations guys. Humid, hujan, naik, turun, incosiderate runners, kena kentut, tudung kelepet...semua tak menghalang untuk PB! Good job. Nice performance (tiru ayat dailymile).

  12. Wahai doc n mr doc.. congratulations!!!! akak bole bayangkan both of u melayang2 di tiup angin sbb size comey sgt ;p

    Kak Tipah/JT (tak sempat nk sign in hehehe)

  13. Congrats Doc! It was a blast! Didn't get to see you in Penang, even at the starting line, takpe lah lain kali kita jumpa.

  14. wHOA, geng..full run is like hardcore..I couldnt barely survive 21km/

  15. Wah..kamu memang hebat doc. Sub 5 tuuu. Impress sungguh. Tahniah Dr Gigi

  16. Diket: Haha. Thanks. Got long way to go to mencapai tahap Diket Menchanak.
    KakTiffa: Haha..takat angin biasa tak dapat nak tiup kami kot..tornado bolehla kot..kuikui.
    Deo: Tu la, tak sempat nak get to know the gang post race. Takpe, takpe, next big race kot.
    Chuckie: yala, tell me about it.
    Gerb: Haha. Thanks Gerb. Nanti bleh pesan kek red velvet satu

  17. cik julinda, result dah kuar...ngeh, ngeh

  18. Well done doc! Congrats to you and bro wanwon oso. Saw you twice and your pace was laju giler, but your face steady jer and tak nampak pon penat. Cayalah!

  19. wow doc. awesome timing there. suma dasyat2 belaka .... you deserved it doc. u trained long and hard. congrats.

  20. Congrats doc and doc wan. Lepas ni kena pakai mask 2 layers la, berasap2 tak hengat ni.

  21. Congrats...sub-5! power betul kasut merah...must get one after this ;)

  22. first of all, congrats :) makin laju mak dara nie :)

    and spoooky .. i saw u and karen going up but karen came back and u takde, i was worried kot u injured? was telling my partner, you cant take that long to do the u-turn .. lucky u sms me ! i think time u patah balik tu ada "benda" menghalang so i cant see u cant see me ! another runner kata mana ada kereta merah? heheheh

  23. Wohhooo... cerita serammmm... and my word verification is omend. Great!

  24. Salute to all that Full Marathon finisher. You guys are simply awesome.

    Is time to enjoy now and take a look at some PBIM 2010 runners pictures

    More pictures coming up soon.

  25. ijam: Ui..tau tau..kaji jangan tak kaji..hehheh
    zaki: Thanks!Itu namanya poker face ma ma ma.
    Ian: Thanks Ian. I'm glad the training paid off.
    Shuk: choihhh..mask tu gunanya utk ward off kentutan..kuikui
    Ray: Buy! Buy! They're really great. Banyak jugak runners hari tu pakai kasut merah.

  26. KakJune: I suspect your syyt syyt boy followed you to Penang and dia dengki kat I..ha ha. This is interesting. I can share this story to my grandkids when I grow up nanti..hehe. Thanks anyway for being there :)
    Deo: haha.. tu la. That word verification tu pun dah seram dah..
    Ladycooper: yaa..sempat dia berniaga di sini.

  27. sub 5 woo hooooo there's no denying it, you're like a fine wine!

    the last bit about smelling your shoes is the best part of this entry.

  28. tambah sikit, ur hubs so cute tau .. lalu kat kita orang senyum senyum, sepatah tak cakap .. we were like nak roti? coklat? gel? air? apa? he just smiled and said no and went on hahaah ..

    psst psst ke, syyt syyt ke .. something definitely selubung us time tu !!!! jeng jeng jenggg

  29. I echo everybody's comments lah, senang cerita takyah taip banyak2. hehe.
    Syabas doc!
    What's next?

  30. Nadia:'re saying I'm old? hehe
    kakjune: haha...kakjune, dia suda kembang ngan pujian kakjune
    nik: what's next? no more marathons for the time being kot..jom kita better our HM tming

  31. Akakkkkkk hebatnya! haih i dunt think i can ever do that. HM pun hampeh. eh i think i saw ur hubby kat finishing tapi masa tu i tatau his name i was thinking takkan nak jerit "husband kak julinda". hehehe.
    Congrats again kak! really proud of you!

  32. nana, I missed you. Again. Take rezeki betul.
    Alah, next time shout je, not many people have my name, and he's a really friendly guy.

  33. congrats doc on the awesome timing despite the weather conditions!!! power la!!! :D

  34. nana no 2 : thanks :) I thought I saw you, but you were on the other side of the road

  35. Wohoo Doc! Great job with the new PB.

  36. Dea: adik, adik ni setahun lewat comment nih