Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Eating Gilbert Grape(fruit)

I'm up to my nose with work nowadays. Nak update pun terkedot-kedot.
I'm swarmed with meetings, courses, campaign planning and  keying in datas. Oh, did I mention I had 50 patients today ? And adding to all that, I misplaced the diary I used to jot down the minutes of Monday's meeting. And I'm supposed to hand that in early next week.
It such a wonder how the government whine about their doctors resigning by the dozen when they still insist on this 'perah-selagi-boleh- policy. We're clearly overworked. I don't mind the patients, but the paperwork is such a pain. And the bureaucracy! Ugh.
And because of this recent tight schedule ,  I'm forced to squeeze in this week's weekday run here and there. Due to Monday's extended meeting, I got home at 6.30 pm with a splitting headache. And with that, my Monday run went down the drain. So Tuesday, I had to qada  Monday's run and squeeze it in with cross training. This afternoon I forced myself to do that tempo 11.2 K run  on the dreadmill because tomorrow I'm off to a full day course. And in all that stress of finishing the run, I realized I achieved a PB in 10K (62 minutes) which theoretically means that I can  possibly do faster in a race. Betul ke?Ntahla. Must enter a 10K race one of these days to experiment, kan? Cheyy, macam bagus je..haha.
Anyway, this week's 33K LSD will be moved to Friday ( cuti!) bacause Hub has to work on the weekend. Not exactly work but more to some training involved. Wish us luck!( and stamina, and endurance, and enough strength)

And know what? I reinvented my love for grapefruit this week. We bought some in the hypermarket a few weeks ago and they hibernated in the fridge after the kids almost gagged on their tartness. The thing about grapefruit is, it's so sour that sometimes people tend to sprinkle some sugar on it to make it more edible, which totally beats the purpose of eating fruit. But  I remembered a family trick when it comes to eating grapefruits that we acquired 20 years ago. At the time, we were in Canada cause my dad had a 3 and a half year stint with the Malaysian Consulate. Somehow, after a few months of arrival, my dad was so naive he got suckered into buying a carton (!) of grapefruit. After a first bad experience of tasting the bile-bitter-sour taste, my mom chucked the whole carton in the basement and swore off grapefruits for life. Dad wouldn't hear a word of it. He took back those fruits and not wanting anything to go to waste.decided to peram them. And sure enough, after a couple of weeks, the fruits had a slight sweet tinge finally palatable to the tongue. So that's what I did. I kept those grapefruits long enough until it was finally almost sweet. Unfortunately, hub and kids still refuse to eat them. Siap claim lagi , " What is it with women and sour things?"
Beats me.
But try it. I heard that it promotes weight loss and contain anti cancer agents. How true is that, I don't know. Try googling it up.
Have a nice Wednesday!
( ntah papela entry aku ni)


  1. thats might tight schedule and u r planning on a 30? memang terror, all the best .. i am yet to venture into 30 but hoping to do one soon ;) get some rest in between too! TC

  2. grapefruits - that's an acquired taste. I quite enjoy them fruits now as I have grown tired of apples etc. and leave them at the office etc, takde sapa nak cilok hahahaha

    by the way, i wonder why our govt says there is a severe shortage of doctors - is it because Malaysians are so weak, or prone to be sick all the time? hahah

    50 patients/day is crazy, doc!

  3. now doc, do I know u? Was in canada from 92-98 .... as students, we always ended up at our diplomats' dining tables ... :)

  4. promotes weight loss= magic phrase, berlari²lah kita pergi beli lepas ni, hihi

  5. KakJune: terer hape KakJune, pelan-pelan je. Masuk 25th KM, ayam tengah jalan pun tak dapat take over..hehe
    Amsyah: There's a shortage of doctors because
    1. yes, more and more patients are suffering from diseases due to their lifestyle VS jumlah doctors to treat them
    2. ramai juge local doctors are resigning due to overburden of work ( and being paid peanuts)
    50 patients a day tu kira okla..another clinic nearby takes 70 patients a day.
    ian : don't I know it. Sometimes the students even stay at our house during their vacation in Toronto. Ooo, so you're one of the guys polishing off my mom's roti canai during Hari raya ( kami tak sempat makan pun..). Naahh, I missed you by a year, we were there from '88 to '91. Which part of Canada were you, by the way?
    KOG : I suspect it promotes weight loss due to the eater's inability to eat other food sebab lidah dah kebas to the grapefruit's sourness. hehe