Saturday, February 6, 2010

Looking on the bright side ( or at least tryng to)

Today's LSD was supposed to be 30K. I couldn't get that off my mind. Especially when we actually did only 21K.
I was upset with myself at first. I was doing okay right until the last 1.5K when suddenly the top of my right foot ached and I had side stitches ( on both sides). Hub was running a good 3 meters is front of me and as hard as I tried, I couldn't catch up. So when we arrived at my parent's house for a pit stop kononnya, I felt so tired and frustrated to finish the remainder 9k. So Hub made a bargain, or was it a compromise?. We would stop then and there and next week will be the 30k. It's no use to force myself into injury, he claimed. I tried to stubbornly protest, saying we could go another 5K but with side stitches even while walking, and the sun scorching hot on our heads, I gave in.
And after 15 minutes of rest, I regretted my decision. I know I could do more. So I began to whine. I felt down. I regretted being wimpy.
But now, hours after the run, I'm thinking maybe Hub was right. Sometimes there are okay days and sometimes we need to give ourselves a little break. Today, yes, it was a bad day , planned distance-wise. But I have to be grateful of my accomplishment. Today, although in a relax-relax mode, sometimes we even stopped to walk, I could finish a half marathon distance with the same timing as my PBIM record ( which I did with much gusto at the time). No part of my body ached post run and I 'm not limping like I did back then after PBIM. Hub also finished the 21K without injury, barefooted and improved his PB.
So I guess , malas dah la nak whining-whining ni. What's done is done.
What I couldn't do today can always be achieved another day. Today just wasn't my day, I guess.

Good luck to all of you for PNM. Panas pun panas la, nak buat macamana, dah kita ni duduk Melesia dan bukan Alaska ( ni my ayat pujuk to my kids).
Wish I was there, but Dad's still recovering.
Have fun!


  1. this is the 'bad' part of training in my opinion, and I hate it when I punish myself over the smallest thing I skipped. we focus to much on what we should do rather than what we have achieved. don't beat yourself up for it - at the end of the day you're still going to finish every race you run anyways :)

  2. good days and bad days are normal, but wanting to do more is also normal :) it was a good run last nite, next year you must try .. hope ur dad is better, take care!

  3. tolldoll : I'm complaining too much, aren't I? Aduiii..will focus on the positive side now, thanks:)
    June Malik : I heard PNM turned out to be an organized race despite people's skepticism. Will definately join next year kalau takde apa aral. Congrats on your first half!

  4. Julin : it was. my fav? the cold water sponging stations lol .. and thanks :) hope to meet you at some races somewhere !