Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finish, dammit. Finish.

Let me tell ya, doing a 30K race is so much easier than doing a 30K LSD. I know many would like to beg to differ but that's the case for me.
In a race, you got no choice but to finish. No matter how your feet hurts, how your lungs burn,  or how far you're left behind, the finish line is main priority from the get go. Doesn't matter if you limp, wobble or crawl finishing, the catch is to finish. It's either that or embarrassingly DNF and riding that ride of shame on an ambulance.
But with an LSD, it's completely different. You are forever tempted to stop at any time you like. Even if you're experiencing the same discomfort in a race ( and can still pound on), it can always be an excuse to cut short your LSD. And it gets worser if you have so many pit stops. You're like okay after 22K but right after starting again after that pit stop suddenly your feet turns to jelly, you feel like blaaahhhh and the urge to throw in the towel seeps in deeper and deeper.
That's what we experienced during today's LSD, after making the last pit stop we felt so lousy to trudge on but manage to commit until 27K. After that everything seemed to hurt, every move seemed annoying and more and more cars were going faster and faster on the road like they're all on a conspiracy to run us over.
 So shamefully we decided to stop, but not wanting to give in to last week's failure, we continued the last 3K on the dreadmill ( not simultaneously, of course). And although I've cursed the dreadmill a whole lot before, today I realized running on the dreadmill is so much " gentler" on the legs compared to that hard, bone splinting tarmac.
And I don't care if anyone out there says, " Pfttr, you can't count a run done outdoors and add a few more Ks  indoors as a whole LSD." Well, tough. And I say it counts and boo-hoo-hoo to you for not having such a flexible concept.

On another note, we should really be taking care of Mother Earth. When we started running at 5 am, it was so hot I was sweating like anything after 5 minutes. And that's in a kampung. Remember when we were young, the nights seem so cool and breezy? Now it's humid like daytime just minus the sun. Imagine how it will be for our kids.
So do your part people, car pool, tanam more greens and go easy on the plastic bags.

p/s I love the idea of plastic free weekend at some malls in some states.
It's funny cause when I go shopping here and decline a plastic bag, the cashiers look at me like I'm a loon.

pp/s Happy Chinese New Year ( especially to dear Cheryl, Fong and Doris)! Live long and prosper.


  1. you should do an out and back run. meaning, make sure you run all out 15k and you have no choice but to run back another 15k. walk or crawl if you must.

    thats what we are planning tomorrow. we'll see how the run goes tmr. 27 or 30km is still a long distance. great run!

  2. I totally agree doing own run and race is two different thing! Btw remember you told me we tend to run faster in a race, u were right!! Good job on getting ur 30 - most people 3 pun belum tentu :) and yes I truly support no plastic day slowly we are getting there !! Have good holiday !!

  3. starting at 5 am in a kampung? wallau...

  4. Kak Kash ; I definitely do that for the next 33k..or else memang la susah nak paksa diri habis.
    Kak June : You shaved off 5 minutes, I read. That's a lot. Congrats! I really hope the plastic free policy will spread throughout Malaysia, city ke kampung ke.
    Amsyah : We're lucky because this kampung is well lit. And we weren't the only early risers. There were kilang kids waiting for their bas kilang, pakciks cooking for a kenduri, kakak-kakak sending their kuih to breakfast stalls, early morning police patrol cars. All had one thing in common : they gave us weird looks..hehe

  5. i have no idea whether i could still run... even reading about your lsd makes me feel like omg 30kkkk penatnyerr. but when you're in a race that need to finish sure does help. i think that's why we only do lsd up to only 80-90% of the race distance, cause you depend on the race surge as well.

  6. tolldoll : yes, it is tiring but after it's all done you feel like you're on top of the world ( oh you know the feeling). I hope you're healing well, Nadia :)

  7. salam... i've a lil question (yang bunyi macam ignorant skit la, hehe): kalau tak ambik plastik bag masa grocery shopping, sampah² kat dapur buang dalam apa?

  8. Haha..good question. I throw my trash in a big garbage bag, but for sampah kecik2 tu buang je dalam beg Tesco. They say it's biodegradable. Betul ke tak tawakal je la..haha.Tapi kalau beli kat kedai lain tu malasla amik polastik