Sunday, September 27, 2009

the spider and the ant

Wah! Dah bersawang blog ni rupanya. Sorry for the neglect. Been busy doing things:

1. Gaining back the 2Ks I lost during Ramadhan (unintentionally) hee..
2. Trying to learn how to play Heartless and Poker Face( and failing miserably)
3. Catching up with friends yang dah bertahun tak jumpa ( success!)

Now, I guess it's back to business. I just visited Kak Haza's blog and realized it's only 55 days left till PBIM on the ticker. Yoikes!
To those who are achieved marathoners, mesti fikir " Alah, mende la minah ni. 21 K pon nak kecoh"
Tapi I got really antsy just now. I got less than 6 weekends to train to 21 k. That's minus the weekend off training that I have to attend a friend's wedding in KL.
Guess I have to resume that 16 k next weekend.
This weekend? Err..malas lagi kot..heh.


  1. welcome back, Julin. Good to read your blog again. Cheers!

  2. thanks cheryl..looks like we're both suffering from last minute self doubt..( last minute ke?)..helppp