Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's the hormones

I was lying in bed, with two layers of blanket, shivering with hacking  coughs and waiting miserably for the fever to pass.

In the middle of the dark, suddenly I felt my son's little fingers touching my arm.

" Mom? Mom?"
 " Yes?" I replied groggily.

" Can I pray for you?"
" Do whatever you want, darling"

" Dear God, please make my mom better so that she can be happy again."

And my heart crumbled just a little.


  1. Awwwww.. Sangat caring la Chiam ni

  2. Awwww ... Me heart crumble too ...hope u r better love!

  3. I'm almost better?
    But after 2 days of MC, sadly my work has piled up..boohoo

  4. Awwww....
    tak suruh dia doa supaya dpt naik podium lagi?

    eh, sorry soalan lari topik pulak..

  5. They do have magical words at unthinkable moments kan? Kids. Fitrah by Allah to be full of purity. Salawat syifa' banyak2 Doc! :]

    1. Yep, the things they say are always the funniest and sometimes makes you sad a bit ( in a good way)